Here you can access descriptions of archival materials preserved by The United Church of Canada Archives (Toronto), United Church of Canada Pacific Mountain Regional Council Archives (British Columbia) and Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council Archives (Ottawa).

About the United Church of Canada Archives

The United Church of Canada Archives are made up of two repositories located in Toronto: the General Council Archives, and the Ontario Regional Councils Archives, serving the following regional councils: Canadian Shield, Antler River Watershed, Western Ontario Waterways, Horseshoe Falls, Shining Waters, East Central Ontario, and parts of Eastern Ontario Outaouais.

The Archives are committed to acquiring, preserving, and making available for research, in accordance with accepted professional principles and procedures, records, private documents and publications in all media pertaining to the history of the General Council Offices, the Ontario Regional Councils, the former Central Ontario Conferences and Presbyteries, and the antecedent denominations of the United Church of Canada.

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Equity Statement

Please note that descriptions may include outdated cultural references, stereotypes, or problematic wording that is no longer used or considered appropriate and does not reflect the views of the United Church of Canada and their commitments to equity. Please see The United Church of Canada Archives Equity Statement for more information.

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