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Zion - Wexford United Church (Toronto, Ont.)

  • CAN
  • Corporate body
  • 1925-2002

Zion-Wexford Church, at 2162 Lawrence Avenue East in Scarborough, began life in 1842 as a Primitive Methodist congregation meeting in a small building called Twaddle's Chapel in Wexford, Ontario. In 1876 a stone church with the name 'Parsonage Church' was built on the present site, and the Primitives joined the Methodist Union of 1884. A dispute led the congregation to join with the Presbyterian Church in 1888-1889, and it was as a Presbyterian congregation (renamed Zion) that it joined the United Church in 1925. In 1954 the name Wexford was prefixed to the congregation's name to distinguish it from other Zion churches in the Toronto Presbytery, as Metropolitan Toronto was formed and the geographic name Wexford disappeared from maps. In 2002, Zion-Wexford amalgamated with Wilmar Heights and became Wexford Heights United Church.

Zion Congregational Church (Toronto, Ont.)

  • CAN
  • Corporate body
  • 1834-1910

Zion Congregational Church began meeting at the Masonic Temple in Toronto in 1834, and later moved to an abandoned Methodist Church on George Street. In 1840 a chapel was erected at Bay and Adelaide Streets in the city, with the congregation later moving to 88 College Street at Elizabeth Street in Toronto. The congregation disbanded in 1910 and in 1948 the University of Toronto acquired the building.

Zion Evangelical United Brethren (Arnprior, Ont.)

  • Corporate body
  • 1880-1962

Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church was organized in 1949 as an EUB congregation.The first class at Arnprior was organized by German-speaking Canadians in 1880, and a church building was acquired in 1882. The Brethren built the Arnprior church in 1907. The work was abandoned in 1962 and the properties sold to the Wesleyan Methodists.

Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church (Elmwood, Ont.)

  • Corporate body

Preaching commenced to German-speaking Canadians in the Elmwood area in 1866, in Bentinck Township. Zion church was erected at Elmwood in 1879, and was one charge on a circuit that consisted of six points (Bentinck, Elmwood, Chesley, Hanover, Brant and Walkerton). In 1968 Zion became part of the United Church of Canada.

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