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Amaron, Estelle, 1899-1986

  • Person
  • 1899-1986

Estelle Amaron, (1899-1986), was a member of the overseas staff of the YMCA. Miss Amaron was born in 1899 in Montreal in a Presbyterian manse. She attended Macdonald College School for Teachers and in 1926 graduated from McGill School of Physical Education. That same year Estelle Amaron joined the overseas staff of the Canadian Young Women's Christian Association. During her career with the YWCA she spent time in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Sierra Leone. Upon her return to Canada in 1960, she remained active in the organization. In December 1976, Estelle Amaron was made a member of the Order of Canada for her work in the YWCA.

Ancaster Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

  • Corporate body

Ancaster Pastoral Charge was formed in 1925, formerly Methodist, and included Ancaster, Bowman Church and Bethesda Church in Ancaster Township; it was discontinued ca. 1955 when Bethesda-Bowman Pastoral Charge was formed. Ancaster Methodist Circuit was formed ca. 1874; it included Bowman, Bethesda, White and Salem Churches in Ancaster Township, and was discontinued when the United Church was formed.

Anderson, John Norrie, 1890-1952

  • Person
  • 1890-1952

John Norrie Anderson (1890-1952) was born in the Hebrides and died at Inverness, Scotland on April 29, 1952. Anderson received his education at Edinburgh University where he graduated with honours in History. He later studied at New College, Edinburgh and was ordained into Ministry of the Church of Scotland. Upon immigrating to Canada, he taught staff of Wesley College, Brandon, and afterwards held pastorates at Fort Massey Church, Halifax; St. Andrew’s Kirk, St. John and in 1948 came to Toronto, as Associate Minister in Old St. Andrew’s. Following the amalgamation of Old St. Andrew’s with Westminster-Central, he returned to Scotland and at the time of his death was minister of Laird, Sutherlandshire. While serving as a missionary in India in 1924, he married Elizabeth Finlay, a Canadian Medical Missionary, who predeceased him. Afterward, John married Isobel Constance Anderson.

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