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Arnup, Jesse Henry, 1880-1965

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  • 1880-1965

Jesse H. Arnup, (1881-1965) was a minister and Moderator of the United Church of Canada. He was born in Norfolk County, Ontario in 1881. He graduated from Victoria College in 1909 and received his D.D. from Wesley College, Winnipeg, in 1924. From 1910 to 1912 he was Secretary of the Layman's Missionary Movement of the Methodist Church, Assistant Secretary of Overseas Missions from 1913 to 1925, and Secretary of United Church of Canada Foreign Missions from 1925 to 1952. He served as Moderator from 1944 to 1946.

Best, Marion

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  • 1924-

Marion Best was born in New Westminster, British Columbia. She received Nurse Training at the Royal Columbian Hospital, then worked there from 1968-1975. In 1977, she and her husband Jack Best received a joint call to the Naramata Centre in British Columbia, where she worked on programs and he worked on public relations and finances. She continued work there until 1987 when she began freelance consulting work with church and community groups, in the healthcare field. For many years, she was on the Executive of the World Council of Churches. She was also President of the British Columbia Conference, and on the United Church’s General Council Executive. A lay-leader, she served as Moderator of the United Church from 1994-1997, and in 1998 began serving as Vice-Moderator of the World Council of Churches. Best was Chair of the sessional committee that produced the 1988 recommendations on opening the ministry to gays and lesbians, in the report Toward a Christian Understanding of Sexual Orientation Lifestyles and Ministry.

Bott, Richard, 1968-

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  • 1968-

Moderator of the United Church of Canada, 2018 to present

Brewing, Willard, d.1960

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  • d. 1960

Rev. Dr. Willard Brewing was born in Sussex Corners, N.B. He trained for the ministry in the United States and served the Reformed Episcopal Church in Canada as minister and bishop. In 1929, he accepted a call to St. Andrew's - Wesley United Church, Vancouver, where he remained until moving to St. George's United Church, Toronto, in 1938. He was elected as Moderator in 1948 and served until his retirement in 1951. He died in Toronto on August 13, 1960.

Bryce, Peter, 1877-1950

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  • 1877-1950

Peter Bryce (1877-1950) was a Methodist/United Church minister, administrator and Moderator. He was born in Scotland in 1877. He did mission work in Newfoundland in 1903; in 1906 he moved to Toronto and Victoria University. He was active in Earlscourt and other Sunday School and urban mission work. He later served as Secretary of Missionary and Maintenance (1927-1936), Moderator (1936-1938), and Minister at Metropolitan United Church in Toronto (1938-1950). He died in 1950.

Cantwell, Jordan, 1967-

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  • 1967-

Jordan Cantwell was born in New York in 1967; as a child her parents moved to the Canadian Prairies. She was involved with social justice movements in the 1980s and the United Church of Canada sent her to South Africa in 1993 as an Observer through the World Council of Churches. She officially joined the United Church in the late 1990s, and prior to being ordained worked at The Centre for Christian Studies when it first moved to Winnipeg. She also worked as a staff associate at Augustine United where she served the Oak Table outreach ministry. She earned her Master of Divinity at St. Andrew’s College, and was ordained in 2010. She interned at Delisle-Vanscoy United Church, and served there for seven years before becoming elected as Moderator in 2015. Cantwell’s spouse, Laura Fouhse is a diaconal minister in the United Church. Cantwell served as Moderator from 2015-2018.

Dorey, George, 1884-1963

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  • 1884-1963

George Dorey (1884-1963) was a Methodist/United Church minister, administrator and Moderator of the United Church. The bilingual George Dorey came to Canada from the Channel Islands in 1904 at the invitation of James Woodsworth. Educated at Victoria University (B.A.) and Emmanuel College (B.D.), Dorey entered the ministry of the Methodist Church in Saskatchewan in 1914, subsequently serving as Superintendent of Home Missions for South Saskatchewan, 1929-1936; Associate Secretary of the Board of Home Missions, 1936-1945; Secretary of the Board of Home Missions, 1947-1954; Acting Secretary of General Council, 1954-1955; and Moderator, 1955-1956. Dorey had an interest in social and religious work amongst 'new' Canadians in the West, especially in his capacity as Secretary for Home Missions in Saskatchewan. He was concerned that Protestant churches were not doing enough to bring the ethnic groups (Germans, especially the Mennonites, Ukrainians, Austrians and others) into the Canadian mosaic, although he expressed reservations about the idea of assimilation. In detailing his thoughts on home mission work he made use of data from the social surveys done in the 1910s to examine the religious, social and educational accomplishments and needs of new Canadian settlement in Western Canada. Following his retirement, Dorey served as President of the Canadian Council of Churches.

Endicott, James G., 1898-1993

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  • 1898-1993

James Gareth Endicott (1898-1993) was a United Church minister and missionary to China. The son of James Endicott, he was born in China. He studied at Victoria College, where he was a student leader in the Student Volunteer Movement, the Student Christian Movement, and the Student Council. He was a missionary in China, starting in 1925. He resigned his ministry in 1946. In 1952 he was censured by The United Church of Canada for supporting the Chinese revolution and for accusing the United States of using germ warfare in Korea. He was Chairman of the Canadian Peace Congress from 1948 to 1971, and a member of the World Council of Peace. He was awarded the International Peace Prize by the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and he received an official apology from the United Church in 1982.

Farquharson, Walter Henry, 1936-

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  • 1936-

Walter Henry Farquharson (1936-) was born in Rosetown, Saskatchewan. He received a B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan in 1957, and received a B.D. in 1961 and a D.D. in 1975 from St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon. He married Joan Casswell in Saskatchewan in 1958 and was ordained by Saskatchewan Conference in 1960. From 1960-1961, he was an assistant at Morningside Parish in Edinburgh, and from 1961-1976 as minister at Saltcoats in Bredenbury Pastoral Charge. In 1966 when Saltcoats had a crisis in their school he took up the challenge of teaching. He was appointed Principal of Saltcoats Junior High, completed his diploma in Education and taught at the Yorkton School Unit over seven years. Walter Farquharson served as Moderator from 1990-1992. Farquharson was also involved in many committees, he chaired Yorkton Presbytery, was President of the Saskatchewan Conference, Senate at St. Andrew’s College, Board of Directors at the Prairie Christian Training Centre. He was a prolific writer of hymns, publishing over 60.

Giuliano, David, 1960-

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  • 1960-

David William Giuliano (1960-) was born in Jerseyville, Ontario and raised in Windsor, Ontario. He married his wife, Pearl E. Ryall in 1959. He earned a B.A. from Guelph University in 1982, and following that, worked at the University as a Human Rights Commissioner, Conference Co-Ordinator and Residence Manager. He earned a Master of Divinity in 1986, and a Master of Theology in 1987 from Queen’s University. He was ordained by London Conference in 1987 and began work as a minister at St. John’s United Church in Marathon, where he remained until he was elected to serve as Moderator of the United Church from 2006-2009. Aside from pastoral duties, Giuliano served the church as Chairperson of the Pastoral Relations Committee and Outreach and Social Action Committee for Cambrian Presbytery, and a member of the Presbytery Planning Committee and Youth Event Planning Committee for Cambrian Presbytery, the Local Justice Concerns and Ordination Interview Committees for MNO Conference, and the National Learning on the Way.

Howard, Wilbur Kenneth, 1912-2001

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  • 1912-2001

Wilbur Kenneth Howard (1912-2001) was a United Church minister and Moderator of the United Church. He was born in Toronto, graduated in theology from Emmanuel College and was ordained by Toronto Conference in 1941. He later did post-graduate studies at Union Theological Seminary in New York and, in 1969, received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Emmanuel College. In 1975, he was given an LL.D. degree from the University of Winnipeg. From 1941 to 1949 he served as Boys' Work Secretary for the Ontario Religious Education Council, from 1949 to 1953 he served as Christian Education Secretary for Manitoba Conference, from 1953 to 1965 as Associate Editor of Sunday School Publications. From 1965 to 1970 he was a member of a team ministry at Dominion-Chalmers United Church in Ottawa. From 1970 to 1981, he served at Emmanuel United Church, also in Ottawa. He served as Moderator of the United Church of Canada from 1974 to 1977. He retired in 1981 and in 1991 he was received into the Order of Ontario

Howse, Ernest Marshall Frazer, 1902-1993

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  • 1902-1993

Ernest Marshall Frazer Howse (1902-1993), minister, author, and journalist, was born in Twillingate, Newfoundland and educated in Belleville, Ontario, and at Dalhousie University (B.A. 1929), Pine Hill Divinity College (B.D. 1931), Union Theological Seminary (S.T.M. 1932), and the University of Edinborough (PhD 1934). He served charges in Beverly Hills, California (1934-1935), Westminster United Church in Winnipeg (1935-1948), and Bloor Street United Church in Toronto (1948-1970). He served as Moderator of the United Church of Canada (1964-1966). Howse was the author of several books including, 'Saints in politics' (1952), 'Spiritual values in Shakespeare,'(1955) and 'Roses in December,'(1981). His journalism appeared in several major Canadian newspapers, including the Toronto Star and Toronto Telegram, the Winnipeg Free Press and Victoria Sun-Times. In addition, he wrote columns for the United Church Observer, and served on the editorial board of the Christian Century.

Lee, Sang Chul, 1924-

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  • 1924-

Sang Chul Lee (1924-) was born in Siberia, a son of Korean immigrants. At seven, he moved to Manchuria and while there, attended a school operated by the Canadian Mission Board. After World War II he moved to South Korea, and received his theological education there and in Switzerland and Vancouver, Canada. His ordination was in the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK), a partner church of the United Church. With his family, Lee emigrated to Canada in 1965; serving a three-point charge in Vancouver. He came to Toronto in 1969 and for twenty years was pastor of the Toronto Korean United Church. Lee served as Moderator of the United Church from 1988-1990. He served as Chancellor of Victoria University, Toronto from 1992-1998.

Lockhart, Wilfred C. 1906 -1991

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  • 1906-1991

Wilfred Cornett Lockard (1906-1991) was born in Dundalk, Ontario. He received a B.A. from Victoria College, at the University of Toronto in 1929, and a M.A. from Emmanuel College in 1932. He was ordained by Toronto Conference in 1933, and also married his wife, Margaret that year. He served as minister in North Leith Parish, Edinburg from 1933-1935 while earning his Ph.D. in Church History. Following that, he was Secretary of The Student Christian Movement and Padre of Hart House at the University of Toronto from 1935-1940, during which time he was also the first Secretary of the Canadian Committee of the World Council of Churches. He was Minister of Sherbourne Street United in Toronto from 1940-1942, and Kingsway Lambton in Toronto from 1942-1955. He was the first Principal of United College, Winnipeg from 1955-1967, President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Winnipeg from 1967-1971. He served as Moderator of the United Church from 1966-1968, and also served the General Council office as Chairman of Toronto West Presbytery, the Board of Schools and Colleges of the United Church (1946-1955), the Department of Ecumenical Affairs for the Canadian Council of Churches (1946-1955), Winnipeg Presbytery (1962-1963). Lockhart died in 1991.

MacDonald, W. Clarke, 1920-1993

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  • 1920-1993

W. Clarke MacDonald (1920-1993) was born in Pictou, Nova Scotia. MacDonald graduated from Dalhousie University in 1941. Afterwards, he took his theological training at Pine Hill Divinity Hall in Halifax, was ordained by the Maritime Conference in 1943. In 1944, he received his Bachelor of Divinity from Pine Hill, and married Muriel MacDonald. From 1944-1962, he served pastorates including West Bay (Cape Breton), Black River Ridge (New Brunswick), Port Hawkesbury and Trinity Church (Cape Breton) and also served as Secretary of the Maritime Conference from 1961-1962. From 1962-1971 he was minister at St. Luke’s in Toronto, then, was appointed Secretary of the Board of Evangelism and Social Service in 1971. He served as Moderator of the United Church from 1982-1984. After serving as Moderator, he returned to his position of Deputy Secretary of the Division of Mission in Canada, with the responsibility for the Office of Church in Society and also, was chairman of the ecumenical Project Ploughshares. He retired in 1986 and died in 1993.

MacQueen, Angus James, 1912-2006

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  • 1912-2006

Angus James MacQueen (1912-) was a United Church minister and Moderator. He was born in Cape Breton, and was educated at Mount Allison University (B.A.) and Pine Hill Divinity Hall (B.D. and D.D.). After graduation Rev. MacQueen held pastorates in the Maritimes (1935-1946), Edmonton (1946-1951), London (1951-1964), and Toronto (1964-1980). He was elected Moderator in 1958.

McClure, Robert Baird, 1900-1991

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  • 1900-1991

Robert Baird McClure (1900-1991) was a medical missionary overseas and the first lay Moderator of the United Church. He was born in Portland, Oregon, the son of Dr. William McClure, a Presbyterian medical missionary to China. Bob McClure graduated in medicine from the University of Toronto in 1922. He married Amy Hislop in 1926 and returned to China, where he served as a missionary until 1948. He also served in Gaza, Palestine and Ratlam, India, before he was elected Moderator of The United Church of Canada in 1968. After his term as Moderator, McClure continued to work in Sarawak, Malaysia, Peru, in the West Indies and in Zaire. In 1971, McClure was made a Companion of the Order of Canada.

McKay, Stanley, 1942-

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  • 1942-

Stanley J. McKay (1942-) was born and raised on Fisher River Indian Reserve. He attended Fisher River Indian Day School until he was 13 years old, then was sent to Birtle Indian Residential School to complete High School. After a year at the Manitoba Teacher’s College he taught at Norway House, Manitoba from 1962-1964. In 1967, McKay graduated with a B.D. from United College in Winnipeg, and married his wife, Dorothy. In 1971, he was ordained, the ceremony being held at Stevens Memorial Church on the reservation where he grew up. McKay served Fisher River from 1971-1975, and Norway House from 1975-1982 before being hired to coordinate the developments of the United Church’s national consultation process for the National Native Council, 1982-1987. During that time, McKay successfully advocated for the Church’s apology for it’s role in culture oppression of First Nations peoples in 1986. From 1987-1988 he served in Native Ministry at Winnipeg Presbytery and in 1988 was hired as the director of the Dr. Jessie Saulteaux Resource Centre, a training centre for native ministries. McKay served as Moderator from 1992-1994.

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