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Austin, Winston Eric

  • Person
  • 1906-1994

Eric Winston Austin was born in Northwich, England on August 27, 1906. His family came to Canada in 1910. After graduating from medical school in 1932, he was employed for a short time at Large Memorial Hospital in Bella Bella with Dr. George Darby, and then on board the Thomas Crosby III (1932-1938) with Rev. Robert C. Scott. Dr. Austin subsequently became a physician at Wrinch Memorial Hospital in Hazelton (1938-1942). From 1942 until the end of the Second World War, he served the Royal Army Medical Corps. At war's end, he became a surgeon for the Vancouver Military Hospital, then for Vancouver General Hospital, and in later years had a private practice. Dr. Austin married his second wife, Mary Louise Hannah (nee Reid), in 1978. The couple were members of Shaughnessy Heights United Church in Vancouver. Eric Austin died on August 8, 1994.

Campus Minister (United Church), UBC

  • Person
  • 1959-

The first United Church Chaplain, Rev. M.J.V. Shaver, was appointed to the University of British Columbia after its creation by BC Conference in 1959. An interdenominational committee, the Anglican-United Joint Chaplaincy Committee, was formed in 1969, through the BC Conference Committee on Church and State in Education, to begin the process of creating a joint chaplaincy at UBC. In 1970 the Anglican United Campus Ministry (AUCM) was created. In 1974, the AUCM and the UBC Student Christian Movement (SCM) merged to form the Cooperative Christian Campus Ministry (CCCM) at the University of British Columbia. In 1979, the SCM left the CCCM and the United Church and Anglican Church continued to operate campus ministry at UBC through the CCCM. In 1986, the CCCM was dissolved and the partnership between the United Church and Anglican Church at UBC ended. Later that year, after a brief period without a United Church campus chaplain, the United Church Campus Ministry (UCCM) at UBC was formed. In 2021, Campus Ministry at UBC became a part of Pacific Mountain Regional Council through the formation of Campus United.

The Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre (Toronto, Ont.)

  • Corporate body
  • 1996-2018

Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre, located at 28 Fairlawn Avenue in Toronto was formed in 1997 by Fairlawn United Church to provide opportunities for all people within the neighbourhood to “support and celebrate one another, feel valued and nourished, strive towards personal wellness and experience the joy of giving.” The outreach ministry was incorporated in January 1998 during which time oversight moved from Fairlawn United Church to a designated board of directors. The Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre operated more than 300 programs targeted to preschoolers, youth, adults and seniors. Weekly programming included fitness, creative play, music enrichment, drama, bridge, wellness education and community workshops. Due to a decline in programming interest, the Board of Directors voted to discontinue all programming as of June 30, 2016. Members of the Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre voted at the annual meeting in September 2016 to dissolve the corporation.