Addington Highlands, Township of

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44° 55' 53" N 77° 18' 47" W

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    • Addington Highlands, Township of

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      Hierarchical terms

      Addington Highlands, Township of

      Equivalent terms

      Addington Highlands, Township of

      • UF Abinger Township
      • UF Anglesea Township
      • UF Ashby Township
      • UF Bishop Corners
      • UF Caverlys Landing
      • UF Effingham Township
      • UF Ferguson Corners
      • UF Flinton Corners
      • UF Glastonbury
      • UF Glenfield
      • UF Massanoga
      • UF McCrae
      • UF Rose Hill
      • UF Weslemkoon
      • UF Cloyne

      Associated terms

      Addington Highlands, Township of

        3 Archival description results for Addington Highlands, Township of

        CA ON00340 F2903 · Fonds · 1901-1994

        Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1904, of Plevna and Vennachar Methodist Circuit (includes Vennachar Methodist Circuit, Denbigh, Vennachar, Wensley, Rose Hill, Ompah, Pringle Settlement, Eagle Hill, Snider Settlement, Glenfield, Thompson, Slate Falls), 1884-1912; records of Denbigh Methodist Church, 1902-1924; marriage registers of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Matawatchan, 1901-1923; baptismal register of Denbigh - Plevna Pastoral Charge, 1899-1939; records, including baptisms, 1899-1980, marriages, 1896-1983, and burials, 1899-1980, of Denbigh - Matawatchan Pastoral Charge (includes Plevna Methodist Mission, Fernleigh, Ardoch, Gull Lake, Ompah, Front Lake, Trout Lake, Meeks, Mondells, Salmonds, Strathadans, Canonto, Folger's, Beech's Corner, Plevna Pastoral Charge, Wensley, Denbigh, vennacher, Slate Falls), 1899-1989; records of Rosenthal Evangelical United Brethren Circuit (includes Letterkenny, Lyndock, Quadville, Palmer Springs, Rosenthal, Schutt), 1934-1968

        Denbigh - Matawatchan - Schutt Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F2927 · Fonds · 1872-2006

        Fonds consists of property records of Harlowe Methodist Church, 1880-1891; property records of Cloyne Methodist Church, 1872-1906; records, including marriages, 1895-1924; of Flinton Methodist Church, 1895-1924; records, including baptisms, 1935-1971, and marriages, 1919-1966, of Flinton-Cloyne Pastoral Charge (includes Flinton and Cloyne Methodist Mission, Flinton Pastoral Charge, Flinton, Cloyne, Harlowe, Kaladar, Northbrook, and Riverside), 1916- 2006; records of Northbrook United Church, 1950-1979; records of Harlowe United Church, 1942-1992; records, including baptisms 1899-1966, marriages, 1895-1976, and burials, 1899-1967; of Flinton United Church (includes Flinton Mission, and Flinton - Addington Mission), 1883-1997; records,including baptisms 1899-1936, marriages 1899-1963, and burials 1899-1967.of Cloyne United Church (includes Cloyne Methodist Mission), 1876-2004.

        Flinton- Cloyne Pastoral Charge (Ont.)