Adelaide-Metcalfe, Township of

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42° 56' 53" N 81° 42' 50" W

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    • Adelaide-Metcalfe, Township of

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      Adelaide-Metcalfe, Township of

      Adelaide-Metcalfe, Township of

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      Adelaide-Metcalfe, Township of

      • UF Crathie
      • UF Dejoing
      • UF Mullifarry
      • UF Napier
      • UF Napperton
      • UF Walkers
      • UF Wrightmans Corners

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      Adelaide-Metcalfe, Township of

        6 Archival description results for Adelaide-Metcalfe, Township of

        CA ON00340 F1612 · Fonds · 1861-1951

        Fonds consists of records of Arkona Methodist Circuit (includes Arkona Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Arkona Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Arkona, Sylvan, Ravenswood, Bethel Church in Warwick Township, Keyser), 1861-1926; land deed, 1904, and photograph, of Salem Methodist Episcopal Church, Keyser; Board and Committee minutes of Arkona Methodist Church, 1898-1922; records of Jura Methodist Church, 1913-1924; records of Arkona Pastoral Charge (includes Arkona, Ravenswood and West Williams), 1962-2000; records of Arkona United Church (includes Arkona Methodist Church), 1920-1992; records of Jura United Church (includes Jura Methodist Church), 1921-1946; records of West Williams United Church, 1937-1964, and property correspondence of Ravenswood United Church, 1982.

        Arkona-Ravenswood Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F1609 · Fonds · 1863-1959

        Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1871-1905, of Calvin Presbyterian Church, Adelaide Township, 1863-1923; Official Board minutes of Cairngorm Pastoral Charge (includes Cairngorm Methodist Circuit, Cairngorm, Glen Oak, Bethel Church in Adelaide Township, East Adelaide Church), 1910-1956; records, including baptisms, 1917-1926, of East Adelaide United Church, Adelaide Township (includes Calvin Presbyterian Church, Adelaide Township); marriage register of Cairngorm United Church (includes Cairngorm Methodist Circuit, Adelaide), 1896-1928; records of Bethel United Church, Adelaide Township (includes Bethel Methodist Church), 1922-1959.

        Cairngorm Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F1848 · Fonds · 1855-2011

        Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1855-1858, of Caradoc Methodist Episcopal Circuit (includes Carlisle Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Strathroy Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Lobo Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Venner Methodist Episcopal Church, Brick Church in Lobo Township, Caradoc Church, Adelaide Church), 1855-1877; Trustee Board minutes of Front Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, Strathroy, 1865-1883; records, including marriages, 1898-1916, of Front Street Methodist Church, Strathroy (includes Front Street Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1873-1919; records of Frank Street Methodist Church, Strathroy (includes Frank Street Methodist Episcopal Church), 1876-1908; Sunday School attendance register of Bethel Methodist Church, Strathroy, 1903-1913; membership roll of Bethel United Church, Strathroy, 1958; records, including marriages, 1948-1952, burials, 1948-1951, of East Adelaide United Church, Adelaide Township, 1948-[1953?], records, including baptisms, 1932-1979, marriages, 1917-1983, burials, 1931-1989, of Strathroy United Church (includes Front Street Methodist Church), 1855-2011

        Strathroy United Church (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F1826 · Fonds · 1851-2013

        Fonds consists of Sunday School attendance record book of Warwick Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1851-1865; indenture of Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church, Warwick Township, 1863; Quarterly Official Board minutes of Watford Methodist Circuit (includes Warwick Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Warwick, Plympton, Adelaide, Brookes, Warwick, Watford), 1851-1923; marriage register of Brooke Methodist Circuit (includes Salem Church in Brooke Township, Walnut, Bethesda Church in Warwick Township, Watford), 1898-1916; records of Bethel Methodist Church, Warwick Township (includes Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church in Warwick Township), 1867-1896; Sunday School minutes and collection book of Warwick Methodist Church, 1899-1918; records, including marriages, 1896-1917, of Watford Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes St. Andrew's in Watford, and Knox Church in Warwick Township), 1892-1925; circuit register of Brooke Pastoral Charge (includes Brooke Methodist Circuit (includes Victoria Church, Alvinston, Salem Church in Brooke Township, Bethesda Church in Warwick Township, Walnut, Zion Church in Warwick Township), Salem Church in Brooke Township, Walnut, Bethesda Church in Warwick Township), 1882-1928; records, including baptisms, 1894-1960, marriages, 1918-1960, burials, 1923-1928, 1935-1960, of Watford Central Pastoral Charge (includes Brooke Methodist Circuit, Watford Methodist Church, Brooke Pastoral Charge, Watford Erie Street Pastoral Charge, Watford, Zion Church in Warwick Township), 1894-1960; records, including marriages, 1935-1960, of Watford St. Andrew's Pastoral Charge (includes Watford Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, Watford, Bethesda Church in Warwick Township), 1921-1960; baptisms, 1953-1971, marriages, 1960-1971, burials, 1950-1970, of Watford Pastoral Charge (includes Watford St. Andrew's Pastoral Charge, Watford, Bethesda Church in Warwick Township, Zion Church in Warwick Township), 1950-1971; records, including baptisms, 1902-1958, marriages, 1896-1968, burials, 1925-1967, of Warwick Pastoral Charge (includes Warwick Methodist Circuit (includes Warwick, Uttoxeter, Bethel Church in Warwick Township), Warwick, Uttoxeter, Bethel Church in Warwick Township), 1896-1968; records of Watford- Warwick Pastoral Charge 1960-2011; Board and Committee minutes of Bethel United Church, Warwick Township (includes Bethel Methodist Church in Warwick Township), 1914-1953; records of Central United Church, Watford (includes Erie Street Methodist Church, Erie Street United Church, 1914-1961; records of St. Andrew's United Church, Watford (includes Watford Presbyterian Pastoral Charge), 1902-1961; records of Bethesda United Church, Warwick Township, 1927-1950; congregational minutes of Zion United Church, Warwick Township, 1941-1971; records, including baptisms, 1972-2010, marriages, 1972-2008, and burials, 1971-2009, of Warwick United Church (includes Warwick Methodist Church), 1924-2013; records of Watford United Church (includes St,. Andrew's Church), 1926-2013

        Watford - Warwick Pastoral Charge (Ont.)