Admaston/Bromley, Township of

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45° 31' 45" N 76° 53' 49" W

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    • Admaston/Bromley, Township of

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      Admaston/Bromley, Township of

      Admaston/Bromley, Township of

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      Admaston/Bromley, Township of

      • UF Admaston
      • UF Bromley
      • UF Locksley
      • UF Northcote
      • UF Balsam Hill
      • UF Belangers Corners
      • UF Bulgers Corners
      • UF Ferguslea
      • UF Fremo Corners
      • UF Martins Corners
      • UF Moores Lake
      • UF Oakgrove
      • UF Payne
      • UF Pine Valley
      • UF Renfew Junction
      • UF Rosebank
      • UF Shamrock
      • UF Wolftown

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      Admaston/Bromley, Township of

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        CA ON00340 F1691 · Fonds · 1996-1997

        Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1870-1913, and marriages, 1859-1866 and 1871-1910, of Admaston Presbyterian Congregation (includes points in the Townships of Admaston, Grattan, Bromley, and Wilberforce, including Admaston, Douglas, Grattan, Barr's, and Northcote), 1859-1913; Young People's Society records of Northcote Presbyterian Church, 1890-1897; records of Haley's Station Presbyterian Circuit, 1894-1925, including marriage register, 1896-1916; records of Haley's United Church, 1914-1995, including baptisms, marriages and burials, 1914-1936; records of Grace United Church, 1908-1999; and records of Admaston Pastoral Charge (includes Admaston Presbyterian Congregation, Grace Church in Admaston, Northcote, Barr's, and Hayley's), including baptisms, 1914-2006, marriages, 1910-1988, and burials, 1927-1997.

        Admaston Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F1694 · Fonds · 1996-1997

        Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1911-1922, marriages, 1912-1917, and burials, 1918-1921, of Eganville Methodist Circuit (includes Eganville, Locksley, and Lake Dore), 1911-1922; records of Eganville Methodist Church, 1897-1929 (note: while the United Church was established in 1925, the final negotiations with Eganville Methodist Church were not completed until 1928); records, including marriages, 1896-1914, of Melville Presbyterian Church in Eganville, 1877-1922; minutes of congregational meetings of Lake Dore Presbyterian Church (also known as Point Church), 1897-1913; Woman's Foreign Missionary Society minutes of Zion Presbyterian Church, Douglas, 1911-1923; records, including baptisms, 1894-1960, and marriages, 1915-1960, of Eganville Pastoral Charge (includes Eganville Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, Eganville, Scotch Bush, Lake Dore, Locksley, and Micksburg (beginning in 1963)), 1893-1980; records of Melville United Church in Eganville (also includes Melville Presbyterian Church), 1873-1975; records of Bromley United Church (includes Barr's Settlement [now Bromley], Presbyterian Church), 1879-1965; financial record book of Lake Dore United Church, 1926-1936; records, including baptisms, 1886-1912, and marriages, 1897-1962, of Douglas Pastoral Charge (includes Douglas Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, Douglas, Barr's, Bromley, Scotch Bush, and Dacre), 1885-1965; records, including baptisms, 1912-1975, marriages, 1962-1975, and burials, 1943-1973, of Zion United Church in Douglas (also includes Zion Presbyterian Church and Douglas Pastoral Charge); records of Zion United Church, Douglas (includes Zion Presbyterian Church in Douglas), 1912-1990; and records of Greenwood Pastoral Charge (includes Greenwood Methodist Circuit [includes Greenwood, Bethel, Micksburg, Sparling], Greenwood, Bethel, and Micksburg), 1894-1963.

        Eganville Pastoral Charge (Ont.)