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CA ON00340 F1960 · Fonds · 1921-1979

Fonds consists of baptisms, 1921-1926, and burials, 1922-1926, of Hunta - Clute Pastoral Charge (includes Hunta - Clute Methodist Circuit, Hunta, Clute, Frederickhouse, Gardiner); records, including baptismal stubs, 1956-1961, and marriages, 1936 - 1979, of Clute - Island Falls Pastoral Charge (includes Hunta Methodist Circuit [includes Hunta, Clute], Clute, Island Falls, Dunning [now Brower Township], Hunta, Fraserdale, Otter Rapids, Smooth Rock Falls and Little Long Rapids Protestant Church), 1921-1961; board and committee minutes of Island Falls United Church, 1951-1957; records of Fraserdale United Church, 1952-1958; membership cards of Otter Rapids United Church, 1959-1960.

Clute - Island Falls Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
CA ON00340 F1925 · Fonds · 1910-2002

Fonds consists of trustee board minutes of Porcupine Methodist Church, 1911-1917; records of South Porcupine Presbyterian Church, 1910-1916; records of Byrnes' Presbyterian Church (Timmins, Ont.), 1915; records, including baptisms, 1931-1932, 1950-1954, 1957-1968, of Porcupine Pastoral Charge (includes Monteith - Connaught Methodist Circuit, Monteith - Connaught Pastoral Charge (includes Connaught, Hoyle, Monteith, Porquis Junction, Kelso), Porcupine, Hoyle, Connaught), 1920-1968; records of Connaught United Church (includes Porquis Junction Mission Field, Connaught Union Church), 1914-1973; records, including baptisms, 1925-1948, marriages, 1925-1935, 1939-1971, of Trinity United Church, Schumacher (includes Schumacher Methodist Circuit [includes Schumacher, Golden City (now Porcupine), South Porcupine] Schumacher Union Church), 1912-1987; records, including marriages, 1941-1970, of Porcupine United Church, 1937-1992; records, including baptisms, 1914-1983, marriages, 1912-1992, and burials, 1917-1925, 1936-1979, of South Porcupine United Church, 1912-2002.

Covenant Pastoral Charge (Timmins, Ont.)
CA ON00340 F2709 · Fonds · 1929-1971

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1929-1968, of Fraserdale Pastoral Charge (includes Fraserdale, Island Falls and Little Long Rapids, and Clute - Island Falls Pastoral Charge [includes Clute, Island Falls, Dunning, Fraserdale, Hunta]), 1929-1971.

Fraserdale Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
Harry Mitchell Pearson fonds
CA ON00340 F3544 · Fonds · 1914-1938

Fonds consists of the following: a personal baptismal register for Toronto, Ontario, 1918-1923; Kapuskasing, Ontario, 1917; Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia, 1919, 1922; East Green Harbour, Nova Scotia, 1920; Springfield, Mass., 1921 and Niagara Falls, Ontario, 1923; a personal marriage register for Toronto, Ontario, 1918-1925; Kenora, Ontario, 1925-1928, and Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1927; sermons, 1917-1938; dramatizations, 1933-1937; Bible study material, 1924-1938; college and seminary papers, 1914-1920; miscellaneous documents relating to Rev. Pearson's education, chaplaincy, ministry and his untimely death, 1904-1938; and photographs.

Pearson, Harry Mitchell, 1891-1938
CA ON00340 F1891 · Fonds · 1910-2023

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms/marriages/burials, 1917-1959, baptisms, 1912-1913, marriages, 1914-1937, burials, 1913-1914, of Iroquois Falls Methodist Circuit (includes Matheson Methodist Circuit [includes Matheson, Wataboay, Sesikenika, Monteith, Nellie Lake, Kelso, Iroquois Falls], Iroquois Falls, Kelso, Monteith, Porquis Junction, Alexo Mines, TWSP Brower-Cochrane, Ansonville), 1910-1959; records of Iroquois Falls Methodist Church, 1915-1955; baptisms/marriages/burials, 1950-1972, baptisms, 1951-1988, marriages, 1934-1973, burials 1956-2001, historic roll of Iroquois Falls Pastoral Charge (includes Iroquois Falls, Ansonville, Porquis Junction), 1934-2008; records of Ansonville United Church (includes Ansonville Methodist Church), 1924-1972; records including baptisms, 1988-2019, marriages 1973-2023 of Iroquois Falls United Church, 1925-2023; baptisms/marriages/burials and historic roll, 1953-1967, communion roll/register, 1954-1971, and board and committee minutes, 1933-1972 of Porquis Junction United Church, 1933-1972.

Iroquois Falls Pastoral Charge (Ont.)