Halton Hills

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    • Halton Hills

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      Halton Hills

      • UF Esquesing Township

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      Halton Hills

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      A.B.B. Moore fonds
      CA ON00340 F3680 · Fonds · 1974-1995

      Fonds consists of a personal marriage register, including marriages occurring in Halton Hills, Caledon, Toronto, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Markham, and Rockwood, 1974-1995.

      Moore, Arthur Bruce Barbour, 1906-2004
      Archibald McCurdy fonds
      CA ON00340 F3646 · Fonds · 1981-2011

      Fonds consists of a personal baptism register for Mississauga, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Toronto and Innisfil, 1987-2002; marriage registers for Burlington, Toronto, Mississauga, Keswick, Brampton, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Norval, North York, Kitchener, Oakville, New Tecumseth, Barrie, Newmarket, 1981-2011.

      McCurdy, Archibald, 1927-
      Charles Stringfellow fonds
      CA ON00340 F3426 · Fonds · 1899-1914

      Fonds consists of a personal marriage register for Lowville, 1899; Hagersville, 1899-1909, 1914; Belleville, 1907; Walpole Island, 1909-1913.

      Stringfellow, Charles, 1832-1915
      CA ON00340 F2621 · Fonds · 1837-1968

      Fonds consists of congregational minutes of Churchill Congregational Church, 1837-1897; records of Churchill United Church, now Brampton (includes Churchill Congregational Church), 1876-1968.

      Churchill United Church (Ont.)
      David Wren fonds
      CA ON00340 F3568 · Fonds · 1945-1961

      Fonds consists of a personal marriage register of Rev. David Wren for Stratford, 1945-1950; Sebringville, 1946; Listowel, 1947; London, 1949, 1961; Niagara Falls, 1949; Burlington, 1955-1958, 1960; Bronte, 1956; Kilbride, 1956, 1957; Port Nelson, 1956.

      Wren, David, 1879-1965
      CA ON00340 F1322 · Fonds · 1892-1915

      Fonds consists of Official Board minutes, 1892-1897, Trustee Board minutes, 1911-1914, financial record book, 1901-1915, of Everton Methodist Circuit (includes Everton, Siloam, Limehouse), 1892-1915.

      Everton Methodist Circuit (Ont.)
      CA ON00340 F2687 · Fonds · 1875-1997

      Fonds consists of records of Huttonville Methodist Circuit (includes Brampton Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Brampton West Methodist Circuit, Brampton, Huttonville, Churchville, Home Church in Alloa, Springbrook, Glen Williams), 1875-1907; records, including baptisms, 1922-1923, burials, 1923, of Norval Methodist Circuit (includes Norval, Terra Cotta, Glen Williams), 1893-1924; records of Huttonville Methodist Church, 1885-1905; cemetery book of Home Methodist Church, Alloa, 1889-1920; cradle roll of Huttonville Presbyterian Church, 1907-1923; baptisms of Norval Pastoral Charge (includes Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Cheltenham Presbyterian Church, Mount Pleasant United Church and Norval United Church, 1912-1937; records, including baptisms, 1917-1957, marriages, 1896-1970, burials, 1914-1959, of Huttonville Pastoral Charge (includes Brampton West Methodist Circuit, Huttonville Methodist Circuit, Huttonville, Churchville, Meadowvale, Home Church in Alloa), 1914-11971; records, including marriages, 1963-1979, burials, 1963-1977, of Huttonville-Norval Pastoral Charge (includes Huttonville United Church, Churchville United Church, Meadowvale United Church, Home United Church in Alloa, Norval United Church), 1962-1989; records, including baptisms, 1964-1969, of Churchville United Church, 1944-1969; records of Meadowvale United Church (includes Meadowvale Methodist Church), 1915-1988; records of Norval United Church (includes Norval Methodist Church), 1889-1973.; records, including baptisms, 1926-1989, marriages, 1927-1988, burials, 1928-1987, of Home United Church, Alloa (includes Mount Pleasant United Church), 1926-1994; and records, including marriages, 1979-1987, of Huttonville United Church (includes Huttonville Methodist Church), 1922-1997

      Home-Huttonville-Norval Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
      CA ON00340 F1767 · Fonds · 1907-1972

      Fonds consists of the following series: records, including marriages, 1907-1925, of Hornby Methodist Circuit (includes Hornby, Bowes Church), 1907-1925; records of Ashgrove Methodist Church, 1898-1919; records, including marriages, 1938-1972, of Hornby Pastoral Charge (includes Hornby Methodist Circuit, Bowes Church, McCurdy's Corners, Hornby, Ashgrove, Bethel Church), 1917-1972; records of Ashgrove United Church (includes Ashgrove Methodist Church), 1916-1952.

      Hornby Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
      J. Basil Adams fonds
      CA ON00340 F3608 · Fonds · 1975-1998

      Fonds consists of personal marriage register of Rev. J. Basil Adams, including: Burlington, 1975-1998; Oakville, 1977-1979; Waterdown, 1978; Halton Hills, 1978-1982; Georgetown, 1979, Mississauga, 1997; Dundas, 1988; Toronto, 1990; Ancaster, 1992; Winchester, 1993; Metcalfe, 1994.

      Adams, J. Basil (1913-1999)
      CA ON00340 F2818 · Fonds · 1871-1970

      Fonds consists of Trustees minutes of Lowville Methodist Church, 1871-1907; Congregational minutes, 1927-1957, and Session minutes, 1927-1929, of Lowville United Church; records of Zimmerman United Church, 1919-1970.

      Lowville - Zimmerman Pastoral Charge (Burlington, Ont.)
      CA ON00340 F1379 · Fonds · 1880-2006

      Fonds consists of records of Trafalgar Methodist Circuit (includes Munn's Church in Oakville, Wesley Church in Oakville, Bethel Church in Trafalgar Township, McCurdy's Chapel in Trafalgar Township, Bowe's Chapel in Trafalgar Township, Hornby, Omagh), 1880-1923; records of Wesley Methodist Church, 1886-1912; records of Munn's Methodist Church, Oakville, 1892-1914; records, including baptisms, 1917-1971, marriages, 1896-1971, burials, 1916-1967, of Trafalgar Pastoral Charge (includes Trafalgar Methodist Circuit, Munn's Church in Oakville, Wesley Church in Oakville, Trinity Church in Oakville, Sheridan), 1896-1985; records of Wesley United Church, Oakville (includes Wesley Methodist Church), 1912-1963; and records of Munn's United Church, Oakville (includes Munn's Methodist Church), 1897-2006.

      Trafalgar Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
      CA ON00340 F1378 · Fonds · 1845-1916

      Fonds consists of subscription list and other records re building of Cove Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Nassagaweya, 1845-1872; records inlcuding baptisms, 1861-1863, marriages, 1858-1895 of Nassagaweya Methodist Circuit (includes Nassagewya Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion Circuit, Nassageweya Methodist New Connexion Circuit [includes Eden Mills, Providence (Townline) Chapel in Eramosa Township, New Hope Chapel In Hespeler, Kilbride, Bethel Church in Nelson Township, Bethesda Chapel in Nelson Township, Salem Chapel in Nelson Township], Aberfoyle, Campbellville, Corwhin), 1858-1916.

      Nassagaweya Methodist Circuit (Ont.)
      CA ON00340 F1226 · Fonds · 1831-1997

      Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1910-1929, 1955-1977, of Ballinafad Pastoral Charge (includes Knox Presbyterian Church in Ballinafad, Churchill, and Melville United Church in Caledon Township), 1909-1977; circuit register of Glen Williams Pastoral Charge (includes Churchill, Limehouse), 1926-1939; records, including baptisms, 1833 - ca. 1910, of Melville United Church in Caledon Township, 1831-1910; records, including baptisms, 1936-1961, marriages, 1955-1984, and burials, 1935-1976, of Ballinafad United Church (includes Knox Presbyterian Church in Ballinafad), 1881-1997; and records, including baptisms, 1959-1980, marriages, 1960-1984, and burials, 1961-1999, of St. Andrew's United Church, Georgetown (includes St. John's Church in Georgetown), 1959-1999.

      Ballinafad Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
      CA ON00340 F2552 · Fonds · 1859-1998

      Fonds consists of records of Georgetown Methodist Circuit (includes Georgetown, Glen Williams, Acton, Hornby, Stewarttown, Norval, Salmonville, Campbell's Cross, Ashgrove, Limehouse), 1859-1911; Sabbath School minutes, of Limehouse Methodist Episcopal Church, 1877-1893; records, including marriages, 1899-1893, of Georgetown Methodist Church, 1896-1925; Official Board minutes (photocopy), of Limehouse Pastoral Charge (includes Limehouse, Glen Williams, Churchill), 1926-1940; baptisms, 1926-1954, marriages, 1926-1955, burials, 1926-1955, of Norval Pastoral Charge (includes Glen Williams, Limehouse, Norval), 1926-1955; records of Glen Williams United Church, 1947-1971; records of Glen Williams United Church, 1922-1971; records, including baptisms, 1911-1946 (including Milton), 1948-1976, marriages, 1911-1926 (including Milton), 1941-1976, burials, 1911-1948 (including Milton), 1948-1976, of St. John's United Church, Georgetown (includes Georgetown Methodist Church, Glen Williams), 1911-1998.

      St. John's United Church (Georgetown, Ont.)
      CA ON00340 F2597 · Fonds · 1998

      Fonds consists of records of Acton Methodist Circuit (includes Acton, Crewson's Corners, Siloam), 1878-1917; records of Acton Methodist Church, 1888-1921; records, including baptisms, 1909-1951, marriages, 1896-1935, 1910-1951, burials, 1909-1951, of Acton United Church (includes Acton Methodist Circuit, Acton Methodist Church), 1896-1963.

      Trinity United Church (Acton, Ont.)