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Markdale Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F2595 · Fonds · 1867-2006

Fonds consists of congregational minutes of Markdale Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Markdale, Knox Church in Artemesia Township), 1867-1891; circuit register of Markdale Methodist Circuit (includes Markdale, Harkaway), 1889-1904; records, including marriage register, 1896-1911, of Cooke's Presbyterian Church, Markdale, 1882-1926; records, including marriages, 1896-1919, of Annesley Methodist Church, Markdale, 1886-1925; records, including baptisms, 1905-1947, marriages, 1905-1954, burials, 1905-1953, of Markdale Pastoral Charge (includes Markdale Methodist Circuit, Markdale, Harkaway, Vandeleur), 1905-1968; records, including baptisms, 1905-1930, marriages, 1915-1930, of Cooke's United Church, Markdale, 1889-1931; records, including marriages, 1919-1965, of Annesley United Church, Markdale, 1914-2006; records of Wesley United Church Vandeleur, 1901-1970.

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CA ON00340 F1849 · Fonds · 1862-1979

Fonds consists of records of Lucan Methodist Church (includes Lucan Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1862-1925;records of Granton Methodist Church, 1869-1920; records of Granton Methodist Circuit, 1875-1925; records, including marriages, 1896-1924, of Lucan Methodist Circuit (includes Lucan, Clandeboye), 1878-1924; records, including baptisms, 1867-1890, 1897-1907, of Ormiston Presbyterian Church, Lucan (includes Fraser's Church in Biddulph Township), 1863-1924; records, including marriages, 1902, 1909, 1923, 1925-1961, of Lucan and Cladeboye Pastoral Charge (includes Lucan Methodist Circuit, Ormiston Presbyterian Church, Lucan, Clandeboye), 1902-1999; records of Villiages Pastoral Charge, 2014-2015; records of Lucan United Church (includes Ormiston Presbyterian Church), 1922-2015; records of Wesley United Church, (Granton, Ont.), 1927-2012; and records of Clandeboye United Church, 1943-1986.

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CA ON00340 F1890 · Fonds · 1892-1931

Fonds consists of Quarterly Board minutes of Manitowaning Methodist Mission, 1908-1912; Board of Stewards and other minutes, 1892-1931, and Sunday School minutes, 1920-1928, of Knox United Church, Manitowaning (includes Manitowaning Presbyterian Church, Manitowaning Union Church), 1892-1931.

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Mattawa Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1892 · Fonds · 1890-1999

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1914, of Mattawa Methodist Circuit (includes Mattawa, Emmanuel Church in Papineau Township), 1890-1915; attendance records of Mattawa Sabbath School, 1889-1897; baptism register of Bonfield and l'Amable - du - Fond Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, 1897-1905; Ladies Aid minutes of Mattawa Union Church, 1918-1923; records, including baptisms, 1899-1915, 1925-1943, marriages, 1900-1915, 1926-1947, burials, 1900-1915, of Eau Claire Pastoral Charge (includes Rutherglen Methodist Circuit (includes Rutherglen, Brule, Eau Claire (Calvin), Mattawa Methodist Circuit, Rutherglen Pastoral Charge, Rutherglen, Eau Claire (Calvin), Brule), 1896-1947; records, including baptisms, 1943-1961, marriages, 1943-1974, burials, 1942-1971, of Mattawa Pastoral Charge (includes Mattawa Union Church, Mattawa, Emmanuel Church in Papineau Township, Rutherglen, Eau Claire (Calvin), Brule), 1915-1999; records, including baptisms, 1900-1941, marriages, 1901-1947, of St. Andrew's In the Pines United Church (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Mattawa Union Church), 1900-1990; records of Mount Pleasant United Church in Rutherglen, 1933-1997; congregational minutes of Calvin United Church, 1930-1957.

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CA ON00340 F1924 · Fonds · 1860-1977

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1909-1911, marriages, 1903-1913, of Maple Street Methodist Church, 1860-1921; records, including baptisms, 1911-1940, marriages, 1911-1962, burials, 1911-1977, of Trinity United Church, Collingwood (includes Maple Street Methodist Church), 1896-1977

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CA ON00340 F1946 · Fonds · 1908

Fonds consists of marriage register of Central Methodist Church, Windsor, 1908; and the constitution of Central United Church, 1986.

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CA ON00340 F1966 · Fonds · 1840-2005

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1866-1881 of Markham Primitive Methodist Circuit, (includes Markham, Bethesda, Ballantae, Peach's Church in Markham Township, Lemonville, Stouffville, Victoria Square, Glasgow), 1866-1884; circuit register of Markham Methodist Circuit (includes Markham, Box Grove), 1894-1919; records, including baptisms, 1907-1922, marriages, 1899-1922, and burials, 1907-1922, of Markham Methodist Church, 1899-1922; records, including marriages, 1840-1842, 1857-1900, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Markham, 1840-1915; records of Markham Pastoral Charge, 1947-1957; records including communion roll 1883-1925, board and committee records 1925, and youth groups records 1923-1925, of St. James Presbyterian Church, Stouffville; records, including marriages, 1857-1884, of Lemonville United Church (includes Markham Primitive Methodist Circuit, Lemonville Primitive Methodist Circuit [Lemonville, Bethesda, Ballantrae]), 1857-1932; records, including baptisms, 1854-1922, 1933-2005, marriages 1896-2003, burials, 1854-1856, 1932-1996, of St. Andrew's United Church, Markham (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church [includes Cedar Grove], Markham Methodist Church), 1854-2005.

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CA ON00340 F2504 · Fonds · 1921-1995

Fonds consists of records of Runnymede Community Church, Toronto, 1921-1925; and records of Runnymede United Church (includes Runnymede Presbyterian and Morningside Presbyterian Churches), Toronto, 1925-1995.

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CA ON00340 F2505 · Fonds · 1830-2012

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1909-1918 (register includes marriages of Howard Park Methodist Church, 1909-1915), of Central Methodist Church, Toronto, 1860-1928; records, including baptisms, 1878-1886, 1910, and marriages, 1911-1915, of Old St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Toronto, 1830-1925; records, including marriages, 1897-1919, of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Toronto, 1864-1925; records, including marriages, 1896-1919, of Grosvenor Street Presbyterian Church, Toronto, 1880-1922; records, including baptisms, 1911-1950, marriages, 1913-1950, and burials, 1932-1950, of Old St. Andrew’s United Church, Toronto, 1878-1950; records, including marriages, 1951-1992, and burials, 1945-1980, of St. Andrew’s United Church, Toronto, 1894-2012; and records, including baptisms, 1913-1950, marriages, 1918-1951, and burials, 1921-1929, of Westminster-Central United Church, Toronto, 1902-1951.

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CA ON00340 F1823 · Fonds · 1871-1946

Fonds consists of circuit registers , 1871-1924, membership records, 1912, 1918, 1919, of Mount Brydges Methodist Circuit (includes Mount Brydges Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Melbourne, Komoka, Mount Carmel, and Muncey Road, Sutherland's, Whiting's and Mount Olivet Churches, all in Caradoc Township); circuit register of Mount Brydges Pastoral Charge (includes Mount Brydges Methodist Circuit, Mount Brydges, Mount Carmel), 1924-1946.

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Paisley Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1381 · Fonds · 1860-2004

Fonds consists of marriages of Wesley United Church, Paisley, 1896-1924; Ladies Aid Society minutes of Ebenezer Methodist Church, Elderslie Township, 1911-1923; records, including baptisms, 1871-1925, of Knox Presbyterian Church, Paisley, 1860-1925; baptisms of Paisley Pastoral Charge (includes Knox Church, Ebenezer Church), 1941-1971; records, including baptisms, 1918-1941, marriages, 1896-1961, burials, 1918-1959, of Knox United Church, Paisley (includes Knox Presbyterian Church, Wesley Methodist Church), 1896-1986; records of Ebenezer United Church, Elderslie Township (includes Ebenezer Methodist Church), 1917-1972; records of Harmony United Church, Pinkerton (includes Knox Memorial United Church), 1948-2004

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CA ON00340 F1383 · Fonds · 1858-1995

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1863-1909, marriages, 1861-1909, burials, 1902-1909, of Rockwood and Eramosa Methodist Circuit (includes Eden Mills, Everton, Arkell, Bethesda, Crewsons Corners, Siloam, Puslinch Township), 1858-1925; records of Rockwood Methodist Church, 1868-1925; records, including baptisms, 1862-1925, of Rockwood Presbyterian Church, 1861-1925; records, including marriage records, 1896-1961, of Rockwood-Stone Church Pastoral Charge (includes Rockwood and Eramosa Methodist Circuit, Rockwood Presbyterian Church, Stone Church in Eramosa Township), 1896-1987; records, including baptisms, 1925-1995, marriages, 1959-1993, burials, 1949-1993, of Rockwood United Church (includes Rockwood Presbyterian Church), 1905-1987; records of Stone United Church, Eramosa Township, 1925-1961.

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CA ON00340 F1390 · Fonds · 1888-1906

Fonds consists of records, including, baptisms, 1888-1893, marriages, 1889-1890, of Abingdon Presbyterian Church, 1888-1906.

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CA ON00340 F1404 · Fonds · 1846-2009

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1846-1853, of Ancaster Methodist New Connexion Circuit (includes Copetown, Lynden, Harrisburg, Zion Church in Ancaster Township, Salem Church in Beverly Township, Cummins Church in East Flamborough Township, Tuck's Chapel in Nelson Township, Mt. Tabor Church in Millgrove, Dundas, Waterdown), 1846-1865; records of Copetown Methodist Circuit (includes Ancaster Methodist New Connexion Circuit, Lynden Methodist Circuit, Harrisburg, Salem Church in Beverly Township, Brock Road in West Flamborough Township, Mount Zion in Beverly Township), 1865-1923; Trustee Board minutes of Copetown Methodist Church, 1890-1916; records, including marriages, 1896-1984, of Copetown Pastoral Charge (includes Copetown Methodist Circuit, Rockton, Salem Church in Beverly Township), 1896-1987; records, including baptisms, 1942-2009, marriages, 1984-2009, and burials, 1941-2001, of Copetown - Rockton Pastoral Charge, 1942-2009; and records of Copetown United Church, 1916-2002

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CA ON00340 F1420 · Fonds · 1858-1921

Fonds consists of circuit register, 1858-1975, Quarterly Conference minutes, 1858-1921, Mission Meeting minutes, 1888-1916, Ladies Aid minutes, 1890-1900, of Linden Park Evangelical Association Church, Hamilton.

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CA ON00340 F1447 · Fonds · 1857-1961

Fonds consists of baptisms, 1866-1893, marriages, 1857-1924, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Niagara Falls; marriages, 1925-1926, burials, 1931-1969, of St. Andrew's United Church, Niagara Falls (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church).

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Port Rowan Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1462 · Fonds · 1848-2011

Fonds consists of Quarterly Board minutes of Walsingham Wesleyan Methodist Circuit (includes Port Rowan, Vittoria, Normandale, Houghton Centre (now Houghton), Charlotteville Centre (now Walsh), St. Williams), 1848-1868; board minutes and annual reports of Walsingham Methodist Circuit, 1883-1924; marriage register of Port Rowan Methodist Church 1896-1911; records, including marriages,1911-1939, 1951-1995 of Port Rowan Pastoral Charge (includes Port Rowan Methodist Church, Neal Memorial United Church, St. Williams United Church and Walsingham United Church) 1911-2014; records of St. Williams United Church, 1945-1976; anniversary correspondence of Neal Memorial United Church, 2011; and records of Walsingham United Church, 1950-2016.

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CA ON00340 F1488 · Fonds · 1831-2016

Fonds consists of records of Wall Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, Brockville, 1833-1868; records, including baptisms, 1899-1924, marriages, 1896-1921 and burials, 1899-1920, of George Street Methodist Church, Brockville, 1896-1920; records, including marriages, 1920-1923, of Brockville Methodist Church, 1920-1923; records, including baptisms, 1858-1891, marriages, 1858-1894, 1896-1914, and burials 1858-1872, of Wall Street Methodist Church (includes Park Street Methodist Church), 1831-1925; records, including baptisms, 1901-1924, marriages, 1901-1973, and burials, 1913-1929, of Wall Street United Church, Brockville (includes Wall Street Methodist Church, Brockville), 1901-2016.

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CA ON00340 F1496 · Fonds · 1875-1968

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1897-1917, of Coe Hill Methodist Mission Circuit (includes Coe Hill, Faraday, Glen Alda, Ormsby, The Ridge, Nugent's Church in Wollaston Township, Salem Church in Wollaston Township, Clydesdale Presbyterian Church), 1885-1918; marriage register, 1897-1909, of St. Ola Methodist Mission (includes St. Ola, Cashel (Township), Greenbush, Pineview, and Gilmour); records, including baptisms, 1897-1918, of Thanet Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Thanet, Coe Hill, Ormsby, The Ridge), 1895-1918; baptism register of Chandos Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Chandos, Clydesdale), 1906-1916; minutes of congregational meetings of Zion Presbyterian Church in The Ridge, 1875-1904, 1907, and 1910; records of Clydesdale Presbyterian Church, 1890-1901; records, including baptisms, 1913-1967, marriages, 1909-1965, and burials, 1913-1968, of St. Ola Pastoral Charge (includes St. Ola Methodist Mission, St. Ola, Gilmour, Greenbush, Cashel (Township), Pine View, Ormsby, and Gunter), 1891-1968; records, including baptisms, 1910-1966, marriages, 1910-1962, burials, 1910-1962, of Coe Hill Pastoral Charge (includes Coe Hill Methodist Circuit, Coe Hill, Clydesdale, Faraday, Glen Alda, Ormsby, The Ridge), 1910-1966; Woman's Association minutes of St. Ola United Church, 1935-1959; Woman's Association minutes of Coe Hill United Church, 1954-1961; records of Ormsby United Church, 1953-1966; congregational minutes of Glen Alda United Church, 1959-1966.

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CA ON00340 F1500 · Fonds · 1844-1987

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1860-1881, of Frankville-Toledo Methodist Circuit (includes Frankville-Toledo Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Frankville, Toledo, Lehigh's Corner, Mitchell's School in Kitley Township, 1860-1921; records of Delta Methodist Circuit (includes Delta, Chantry, Harlem, Portland, Soperton), 1908-1921; records of Frankville Methodist Church, 1894-1923; Sunday School minutes and financial record book of Toledo Methodist Church, 1917-1922; records, including baptisms, 1863-1913, marriages, 1896-1913, burials, [ca. 1863-1911], of Athens-Toledo Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Athens, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Toledo), 1844-1913; records, including baptisms, 1847-1852, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Toledo, 1844-1925; records, including baptisms, 1906-1909, 1916-1966, marriages, 1896-1966, burials, 1906-1909, 1916-1966, of Frankville-Toledo Pastoral Charge (includes Frankville-Toledo Methodist Circuit, Frankville, Toledo), 1873-1968; records, including baptisms, 1910-1961, 1966, 1974-1975, marriages, 1910-1977, 1980, burials, 1910-1979, of Delta Pastoral Charge (includes Delta Methodist Circuit, Delta, Chantry, Harlem, Portland, Soperton), 1915-1958; records of Delta United Church (includes Delta Methodist Church), 1903-1987; Trustee Board minutes of Chantry United Church (includes Chantry Methodist Church), 1883-1944; records of Frankville United Church, 1898-1968; and congregational minutes of Soperton United Church, 1938-1968.

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Oakwood Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1502 · Fonds · 1873-1989

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1878-1880, of Oakwood Methodist Episcopal Circuit (includes Oakwood, Cambray, Port Hoover), 1878-1880; records, including marriages, 1897-1923, of Oakwood Methodist Circuit (includes Oakwood Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Oakwood, Cambray, Graham's Church in Ops Township, Pleasant Point, Port Hoover, Glandine), 1873-1925; records of Manilla Methodist Circuit (includes Manilla, Peniel Church in Mariposa Township, Salem Corners), 1890-1921; records of Oakwood Methodist Church, 1888-1925; records of Salem Corners Methodist Church, 1880-1924; subscription list of Bethel Methodist Church in Mariposa Township, 1893; records, including baptisms, 1918-1953, marriages, 1896-1953, burials, 1918-1953, of Manilla Pastoral Charge (includes Manilla Methodist Circuit, Manilla, Peniel Church in Mariposa Township, Salem Corners), 1891-1941; records of Oakwood Pastoral Charge (includes Oakwood Methodist Circuit, Oakwood, Manilla, Glandine, Salem Corners), 1919-1981; records, including baptisms, 1956-1958, of Oakwood United Church (includes Oakwood Methodist Church), 1905-1989; records of Manilla United Church (includes Manilla Methodist Church), 1912-1962; records of Salem Corners United Church, 1926-1949.

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CA ON00340 F1512 · Fonds · 1864-1999

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1916, of Fenelon Falls Methodist Circuit (includes Fenelon Falls, Cameron, Cambray, Zion Church in Fenelon Township, Victoria Church in Powles Corners, Ebeneezer, Rosedale, and Verulam (and earlier Bryson's and Cookman's)), 1864-1923; records of Fenelon Falls Methodist Church, 1877-1925; records of Somerville Presbyterian Church, 1893-1923; records, including baptisms, 1926-1992, marriages, 1916-1992, and burials, 1926-1992, of Fenelon Falls Pastoral Charge (includes Fenelon Falls Methodist Circuit, Fenelon Falls, and Victoria Church in Powles Corners), 1895-1957; records of Bury's Green United Church (includes Bury's Green Presbyterian Church), 1911-1961; records of Victoria United Church in Powles Corners, 1936-1997; records of Fenelon Falls United Church, 1895-1999.

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CA ON00340 F1513 · Fonds · 1872-2004

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1903-1914, of the Frankford Methodist Circuit (includes Frankford (formerly Sidney) Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Frankford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Frankford, Sidney (now Wallbridge), Stockdale, Tabernacle Church in Murray Township, Zion Church in Murray Township, Riverside, and, earlier, Salem, Grove, and Marsh Hill (now Chatterton), 1872-1924; records, including baptisms, 1919-1944, marriages, 1919-1957, and burials, 1919-1956, of Frankford - Battawa Pastoral Charge (includes Frankford Methodist Circuit, Frankford Pastoral Charge, Frankford and Battawa United Churches), 1919-1968; records of Battawa United Church, 1950-1977; and records, including marriages, 1914-1932, of Frankford United Church, 1907-2004.

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Ivanhoe Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1527 · Fonds · 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1858-1917, of Ivanhoe Methodist Circuit (includes the Bible Christian Mission in Huntingdon Township, West Huntingdon Circuit, West Huntingdon, Beulah Church in Huntingdon Township (near Ivanhoe), Salem Church in Rawdon Township, and Bethesda Church in Huntingdon Township (near Crookston)), 1858-1917; Sunday School record book from Beulah Methodist Church, 1898-1916; baptisms, marriages, and burials, 1899-1967, of Ivanhoe Pastoral Charge (includes Ivanhoe Methodist Circuit, Beulah Church, Bethesda Church, Salem Church, and Fuller); records of Bethesda United Church (includes Bethesda Methodist), 1893-1969; records of Beulah United Church (includes Beulah Methodist), 1892-1967; and records of Fuller United Church (includes Fuller Methodist), 1915-1960.

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Janetville Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1528 · Fonds · 1861-1990

Fonds consists of deed, 1861, of Mount Horeb Wesleyan Methodist Church; records, including marriages, 1879-1895, of Janetville Methodist Circuit (includes Janetville Bible Christian Mission, Janetville, Bethel Church in Manvers Township, Zion Church, Yelverton, and Mount Horeb), 1879-1912; a circuit register, 1889-1921, from Pontypool (formerly South Manvers) Methodist Circuit (includes Pontypool, Manvers, McRae's Church in Manvers Township, Ballyduff, Lotus, and Fallis); marriages, 1892-1917, of Pontypool Methodist Church; baptisms, 1918-1953, marriages, 1917-1954, burials, 1917-1954, and a circuit register, 1921-1954, of Pontypool Pastoral Charge (includes Pontypool Methodist Circuit, Pontypool, Lotus, Manvers, McRae's Church in Manvers Township, Janetville, and Mount Horeb); Board of Trustees minutes, 1889-1933 of Pontypool United Church (includes Pontypool Methodist Church); records, including baptisms, 1901-1953, marriages, 1895-1958, and burials, 1901-1954, of Janetville Pastoral Charge (includes Janetville Methodist Circuit, Janetville, Mount Horeb, Pontypool, Manvers Station, and Yelverton), 1885-1958; records of Janetville United Church (includes Janetville Methodist), 1922-1990; women's group records of Mount Horeb United Church, 1932-1966; records of Yelverton United Church,1925-1986

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Mallorytown Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1541 · Fonds · 1859-1966

Fonds consists of Quarterly Board minutes of the Mallorytown Methodist Circuit (includes Mallorytown Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Mallorytown, Escott, Rockfield, Rockport, Greenfield, Sherwood Springs, and Junetown), 1861-1912; records of the Escott Methodist Circuit (includes Escott, Rockfield, Greenfield, Rockport, and Junetown), 1890-1925; records, including baptisms, 1859-1868, and burials, 1866-1888, of Lyn Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Lyn, Caintown, Yonge Mills, and Mallorytown), 1859-1890; annual financial reports of Mallorytown United Church Pastoral Charge (includes Mallorytown and Escott Pastoral Charge, Mallorytown, Escott, Caintown, Yonge Mills, and Rockport), 1932-1966; and minutes of the annual meeting of the Escott United Church, 1934.

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Odessa Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1552 · Fonds · 1856-1975

Fonds consists of records of Odessa Methodist Circuit (includes Odessa (formerly Mill Creek), Fourth Concession Church in Ernestown Township, Union Church, and Wilton), 1856-1922; records, including baptisms, 1898-1903, of Elginburg Methodist Circuit (includes Elginburg, Storrington (later Inverary), Glenvale, and Head of Lake (later Kepler)), 1881-1921; records of Odessa Methodist Church (includes Odessa Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1870-1911; baptisms, 1900-1913, marriages, 1858-1871 and 1900-1911, burials, 1900, 1907-1912, and 1917-1919, and circuit registers, 1859-1919, of Wilton Methodist Circuit (includes Wilton Wesleyan Methodist Circuit (Wilton, Clark's Mills (now Camden East), Moscow, Yarker, Harrowsmith, Sydenham, Denison's, Murvale, Switzer's, Lapum's, and Violet), Wilton, Violet, Lapum's, Florida, Victoria, and Camden East); records, including baptisms, 1901-1957, marriages, 1896-1974, and burials, 1901-1964, of Odessa Pastoral Charge (includes Odessa Methodist Circuit and Odessa Methodist Episcopal Circuit (Odessa, Westbrook, Beulah, Violet, and Victoria), Odessa, Wilton (to 1968), and Elginburg (since ca. 1968)), 1879-1974; records, including baptisms, 1905-1968, marriages, 1897-1975, and burials, 1905-1968, of Elginburg Pastoral Charge (includes Elginburg Methodist Circuit, Elginburg, Murvale, Kepler, and Glenvale), 1897-1975; records of Odessa United Church (includes Odessa Methodist Church), 1911-1967; records of women's groups of Wilton United Church (includes Wilton Methodist), 1921-1961; records of Elginburg United Church, 1928-1953; records of Murvale United Church, 1939-1968; and records of Glenvale United Church, 1947-1968.

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CA ON00340 F1553 · Fonds · 1859-1971

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1914, of Omemee Methodist Circuit (includes Omemee, Bethel Church in Emily Township, Lebanon, Mount Horeb, and Ops), 1859-1925; Epworth League minutes, 1902-1918, of Bethel Methodist Church; records, including baptisms, 1909-1947, marriages, 1896-1945, and burials, 1909-1957, of Omemee Pastoral Charge (includes Omemee Methodist Circuit, Omemee, and Bethel Church in Emily Township), 1890-1965; records of Trinity United Church, Omemee, 1936-1971; and records of Bethel United Church, Emily Township, 1928-1957.

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CA ON00340 F1602 · Fonds · 1908-1977

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1909-1921, of Danforth Methodist Church, Toronto, 1908-1925; records, including baptisms, 1913-1967, marriages, 1913-1967, burials, 1911-1967, and photographs, of Danforth United Church, Toronto (includes Danforth Methodist Church), 1911-1977.

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CA ON00340 F1604 · Fonds · 1890-1967

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1891-1914, burials, 1909-1924, of North Broadview Presbyterian Church, Toronto (includes Chester Presbyterian Church), 1889-1925; records, including baptisms, 1914-1966, marriages, 1939-1966, burials, 1943-1967, and architectural records,of North Broadview United Church (includes North Broadview Presbyterian Church), 1914-1967.

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CA ON00340 F1616 · Fonds · 1888-1924

Fonds consists of baptism records, 1891-1894, membership records, 1888-1914, Session minutes, 1888-1923, and Board of Managers minutes, 1887-1924, of Knox Presbyterian Church, Aylmer.

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Blyth United Church (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1624 · Fonds · 1857-1985

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1879-1890, marriages, 1887-1890, of Blyth Methodist Circuit (includes Blyth, Westfield, Sunshine, Ebenezer Church in Morris Township, Bethel Church in Morris Township, Jackson's Church in Morris Township), 1875-1893; records of Blyth Methodist Church, 1887-1920; records, including baptisms, 1857-1877, marriages, 1860-1896, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 1857-1924; records, including baptisms, 1877-1934, of St. Andrew's United Church, Blyth (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church), 1877-1934; Board of Trustees minutes of Queen Street United Church, Blyth (includes Blyth Methodist Church), 1921-1928; records, including marriages, 1896-1941 (Presbyterian), of Blyth United Church (includes Blyth Methodist Circuit, Queen Street Methodist Church, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, St. Andrew's United Church), 1896-1985.

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CA ON00340 F1626 · Fonds · 1844-2010

Fonds consists of records of Drumbo and Washington Methodist Circuit (includes Washinton Methodist Circuit, Washinton, Wolverton, Drumbo, Roseville, New Dundee, Richwood), 1851-1915; records of Bright Methodist Circuit (includes Bright and Bethel Church in Blandford Township), 1886-1924; records of Plattsville Methodist Church, 1844-1925; records, including baptisms, 1859-1901, of Chesterfield Presbyterian Church, 1846-1922; records, including baptisms, 1902-2009, marriages, 1909-1935, 1966-2010, and burials, 1908-2009, of Bright - Chesterfield Pastoral Charge (includes Bright Methodist Circuit, Bright, Chesterfield, Bethel Church in Blandford Township (now part of Blandford-Blenheim Township)),1905-2010; records, including baptisms, 1916-1959, marriages, 1903-2002, and burials, 1917-1960, of Plattsville-Washington Pastoral Charge (includes Plattsville, Washington), 1903-2010; records, including marriages, 1896-1966, of Bright United Church (includes Bright Methodist Circuit), 1855-2010; records of Chesterfield United Church (includes Chesterfield Presbyterian Church), 1902-2010; youth group records of Bethel United Church, Blandford Township, 1944-1951; records of Plattsville United Church (includes Plattsville Methodist Church), 1887-2010; records of Washington United Church (includes Washington Methodist Church), 1894-2010.

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Clifford Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1633 · Fonds · 1868-1972

Fonds consists Official Board minutes of Clifford Methodist Circuit (includes Clifford, Lakelet), 1903-1925; records, including marriages, 1896-1924, of Clifford Methodist Church, 1873-1909; records of Clifford Presbyterian Church (includes Clifford Presbyterian Pastoral Charge [Clifford, McIntosh, Balaklava]); membership records, 1870-1873, minutes, 1870-1873, of Howick Congregational Church (now Gorrie); indenture of Clifford Evangelical United Brethren Church, 1932; baptisms, 1906-1928, burials, 1912-1927, membership records, 1901-1925, of Clifford Pastoral Charge (includes Clifford Methodist Circuit, Clifford, Lakelet); Sunday School of Salem United Church in Normanby Township, 1913-1934; board and committee minutes of Drew United Church (Clifford, Ont.) 1952-1963; minutes of Howick Sunday School (now Gorrie), 1956; records, including baptisms, 1872-1972, of Knox United Church, Clifford (includes Balaklava, McIntosh, Knox Presbyterian Church, Clifford), 1872-1972; baptisms, 1873-1961, marriages, 1875-1904, burials, 1886-1898, officials lists, 1873-1904, membership records, 1868-1962, of Normanby Evangelical United Brethren Charge (includes Normanby Evangelical Association Circuit, Normanby Township, Howick (now Gorrie, Alsfeldt, Ayton, Clifford).

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CA ON00340 F1670 · Fonds · 1873-2011

Fonds consists records, including marriages, 1896-1919, of Dutton Methodist Circuit (includes Tyrconnel Methodist Circuit, Dutton, Wallacetown, and Tyrconnell), 1873-1925; Sunday School attendance records of Townline Methodist Church, Dunwich Township, 1895; records, including baptisms, 1876-2011, marriages, 1916-1954, 1970-2011, and burials, 1912-2011, of St. John's United Church, Dutton (includes Dutton Methodist Circuit, Dutton, Wallacetown, and Tyrconnell), 1876-2011; records, including marriages, 1897-1933, of Chalmers United Church, Cowal (includes Chalmer's Presbyterian Church, Lawrence Station Pastoral Charge, Dunwich, Largie, Lawrence Station, McBrides and Southwold), 1897-2011; records, including baptisms, 1927-1977, 1979-2010, marriages, 1912-1954, 1978-2011, of Wallacetown United Church (includes Wallacetown Methodist Church, Kintore Church, Tyrconnell, Dunwich Township), 1912-2011; records of Townline United Church, Dunwich Township (includes Townline Methodist Church), 1923-1963.

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Fingal United Church (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1678 · Fonds · 1875-2012

Fonds consists of records of Fingal Methodist Circuit (includes Fingal, Iona, Middlemarch), 1875-1925; Epworth League minutes of Fingal Methodist Church, 1894-1903; records, including baptisms, 1909-1958, marriages, 1908-1957, and burials, 1909-1958, of Fingal Pastoral Charge (includes Fingal Methodist Circuit, Fingal, Iona, Middlemarch), 1901-1958; annual reports of Port Stanley Pastoral Charge (includes Fingal, Dexter, Port Stanley), 1972-1995; records, including baptisms, 1958-1975, marriages, 1958-1974, 1996-2010, and burials, 1958-1971, of Fingal United Church (includes Fingal Pastoral Charge, Iona, Middlemarch), 1927-2012; and Annual/Congregational Meeting minutes of Middlemarch United Church, 1932-1954.

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CA ON00340 F1683 · Fonds · 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records of Trinity Methodist Church, Peterborough (including Charlotte Street Methodist Church), 1883-1924, and records of Trinity United Church, Peterborough (including Trinity Methodist Church), 1895-2019.

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Queensborough Pastoral Charge fonds
CA ON00340 F1685 · Fonds · 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1929, of Eldorado Methodist Circuit (includes Eldorado, Cooper, and Union), 1896-1929; Sunday school attendance records, 1912-1924, of Fox Methodist Church; records of Hazzard's Methodist Church, Madoc Township, 1884-1909; Trustee minutes of Queensborough Methodist Church, 1872-1903; records, including baptisms, 1899-1957, marriages, 1899-1958, and burials, 1899-1952, of Eldorado Pastoral Charge, 1899-1983 ( includes Eldorado Methodist Circuit, Union, and Cooper); United Church Women minutes, 1962-1974, of Cooper United Church; records, including baptisms, 1904-1958, marriages, 1904-1958, and burials, 1904-1958, of Queensborough Pastoral Charge (includes Queensborough Methodist Circuit, Queensborough, Hazzards Church in Madoc Township, Hart's Church in Madoc Township, Gordon's Church, Pineview, Cooper, Eldorado, and Union), 1878-1958; records of Queensborough-Eldorado Pastoral Charge (includes Queensborough Methodist Circuit, Queensborough Pastoral Charge, Queensborough, Hazzards Church in Madoc Township, Cooper, Eldorado, and Union), 1914-2011; records of Queensborough United Church, 1938-1967; records of Union United Church in Eldorado, [ca.1904]-1967; records of Hazzards United Church in Madoc Township (includes Hazzard's Methodist Church), 1919-1977; records of St. Andrew's United Church, Queensborough, 1975-2005; records of Eldorado United Church, 1940-2014.

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Beachburg Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1686 · Fonds · 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1903-1925, marriages, 1892-1925, and burials, 1903-1925, of Beachburg Methodist Circuit (includes Westmeath (Township) Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Beachburg, Foresters Falls, Zion Church, and Grant's Church), [ca.1876]-1925; records of Beachburg Methodist Church, [ca.1892]-1925; records, including baptisms, 1877-1900, and marriages, 1863-1917, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Beachburg, 1863-1925; records, including baptisms, 1938-1949, marriages, 1938-1994, and burials, 1942-1984, of Beachburg Pastoral Charge (includes St. Andrew's Church in Beachburg and Trinity Church in Foresters Falls), 1925-1994; records, including baptisms, 1899-1927 and 1949-1986, and marriages, 1917-1938, of St. Andrew's United Church in Beachburg (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian), 1899-1996; and membership records of Foresters Falls United Church.(includes Forester's Falls Methodist Church), 1923-1963.

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CA ON00340 F1696 · Fonds · 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1909, of Glencoe Methodist Church, 1891-1925; records, including baptisms, 1842-1853, marriages, 1848-1853, of Ekfrid and Mosa Presbyterian Church, 1842-1853; records of Knox Presbyterian Church, Ekfrid Township (includes Ekfrid and Mosa Presbyterian Church), 1846-1885; marriage register of Appin United Church (includes Appin Methodist Church), 1897-1930; records, including marriages, 1909-1949, of Trinity United Church, Glencoe (includes Glencoe Methodist Church), 1909-1949.

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CA ON00340 F1709 · Fonds · 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, of Moorefield Methodist Circuit (includes Rothsay, Moorefield, Bethesda), 1884-1925; Sunday School attendance records of Moorefield Methodist Church, 1882-1924; records of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Moorefield, 1877-1911; Young People's Union minutes of Rothsay Presbyterian Church, 1915-1920; Quarterly Board minutes of Wesley United Church, Moorefield, 1894-1927; baptisms, 1941-1963, marriages, 1942-1972, 1969-1990, burials, 1928, 1932, 1940-1943, of Moorefield-Rothsay Pastoral Charge (includes Moorefield, Rothsay, Hollen), 1928-1990; records, including baptisms, 1906-1927, marriages, 1897-1949, burials, 1909-1955, of Moorefield United Church (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, At. Andrew's United Church, Moorefield Methodist Circuit), 1897-2005; records, including baptisms, 1926-1940, marriages, 1925-1941, of St. James United Church, Rothsay, 1925-1978; records of Hollen United Church, 1929-1961.

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Blenheim United Church (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1714 · Fonds · 1832-2006

Fonds consists of marriage register of Rondeau Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, 1863-1873; records of Harwich Methodist Circuit (includes Huffman's Corners, Zion, and Forbes), 1885-1925; records of Northwood Methodist Circuit (includes Botony, Beechwood, Northwood and Bethel), 1911-1924; records of , including marriages, 1896-1923, of Blenheim Methodist Church, 1896-1923; records, including baptisms, 1848-1887, marriages, 1848-1894, 1896-1917, and burials 1832-1848, of United Presbyterian Circuit (includes Blenheim, Troy, Rushton's Corners, and the Township of Harwich), 1832-1894; records, including marriage records, 1896-1907, of Erskine Presbyterian Church, Blenheim,1884-1925; records, including marriages, 1907-1932, of Erskine United Church, Blenheim, 1892-1932; records of Chatham Street United Church (includes Blenheim Methodist Church), 1882-1932; records, including baptisms, 1905-1966, marriages, 1896-1943, 1949-1966, and burials, 1905-1963, of Huffman's United Church, Blenheim (includes Harwich Circuit), 1896-1967; and records, including baptisms, 1912-1954, marriages, 1916-1919, 1924-1937, 1942-2006, and burials, 1915-1939, 1948-1988, of Blenheim United Church, 1912-2006,

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Iron Bridge Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1725 · Fonds · 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1906-[1923], of Iron Bridge Presbyterian Charge (includes Iron Bridge, Dean Lake, Patton, Bright, Dayton), 1906-1924; records, including baptisms, 1904, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Goldenburgh, 1904; Official Board minutes of Livingstone Creek Pastoral Charge (includes Iron Bridge Methodist Circuit, Little Rapids, Livingstone Creek, Dayton, Wharncliffe, Sowerby), 1909-1947; records, including baptisms, 1927-1948, burials, 1926-1958, of Iron Bridge Pastoral Charge (includes Iron Bridge, Dean Lake, Patton, Bright, Bellingham), 1926-1958; communion roll of Goldenburgh Pastoral Charge (includes Goldenburgh, Bellingham, Wharncliffe), 1927-1933; records, including baptisms, 1906-1939, of Bellingham United Church (includes Bellingham Presbyterian Church), 1900-1954; records of Iron Bridge United Church, 1926-1938.

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CA ON00340 F1736 · Fonds · 1996-1997

Fonds consists of the following series: records, including marriages, 1862-1912, of Minden (formerly Gull River) Methodist Mission (included, at various times, the following points in the Townships of Minden, Snowdon, Anson, Lutterworth, and Stanhope: Minden, Gelert, Providence, Progress, Bethel Church in Minden Township, Strafford's, Bethany, Lindop's, Cook's, Boskung, Austin's Narrows, Allsaw, Egypt, Ingoldsby, Lochlin, Dutch Line, Blairhampton, and Carnarvon), 1862-1919; financial record book, 1917-1925, of Carnarvon Methodist Mission; indenture re: church property, 1891, of Zion Methodist Church, Carnarvon; indenture re: church property, 1884, of Maple Lake Methodist Church; records of Knox Presbyterian Church, Minden, 1884-1916; records of Twelve Mile Lake Presbyterian Church, [ca.1889]-1917; baptisms, 1906-1932, marriages, 1906-1929, and communion roll, 1907-1932, of Minden Pastoral Charge (includes Minden Methodist Mission, Minden Presbyterian, Minden, Gelert, Dutch Line, Bethany, and Gull Lake); records of Carnarvon Pastoral Charge (includes Carnarvon Methodist Mission, Carnarvon, Allsaw, Maple Lake, and Blairhampton), 1913-1942; records, including baptisms, 1912-1958, marriages, 1915-1978, and burials, 1912-1979, of Minden-Carnarvon-Maple Lake Pastoral Charge (includes Minden, Carnarvon, Maple Lake, and Twelve Mile Lake; prior to the 1950s, also includes Minden Methodist Mission, Carnarvon Methodist Mission, Stanhope Methodist Mission, Bethany, Blairhampton, Dutch Line, Gelert, Gull Lake, and Bethel Church in Minden Township), 1900-1980; records of Minden United Church (includes Knox Presbyterian Church and Minden Union (Methodist and Presbyterian) Church), 1906-1979; ) records of Zion United Church in Carnarvon, 1925-1979; records of Maple Lake United Church in Stanhope Township, 1941-1976; and baptisms, 1906-1928, and communion roll, 1909-1935, of Twelve Mile Lake United Church (includes Twelve Mile Lake Presbyterian Church), 1906-1935.

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CA ON00340 F1738 · Fonds · 1996-1998

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1917, and burials, 1890s, of Sidney Methodist Circuit (includes Aiken's, Scott's, Stone, Wallbridge (earlier Town Hall), Wesley, Zion Hill, Foxboro North, and Finkle's (later Centenary)), [ca.1859]-1918; circuit register of Bayside Methodist Circuit (includes White's Church in Bayside, Case's Church in Sidney Township, Centenary Church in Sidney Township, Wesley Church in Sidney Township), 1890-1913; circuit list of Wesley Methodist Church in Sidney Township, 1896; records of Scott's Methodist Church in Sidney Township, 1897-1916; records of Stone Methodist Church in Sidney Township, 1898-1921; trustee board minutes, 1918-1923, and collection book, 1899-1901, of Centenary Methodist Church in Sidney Township; records of the Pleasant View Auxiliary of the Methodist Woman's Missionary Society, 1906-1922; records, including baptisms, 1903-1956, marriages, 1903-1964, and burials, 1903-1962, of Sidney Pastoral Charge (pre-1969) in Sidney Township (includes Sidney Methodist Circuit, Aiken's, Scott's, Stone, and Wallbridge), 1903-1965; records, including baptisms, 1905-1958, marriages, 1896-1958, and burials, 1905-1958, of Bayside Pastoral Charge (includes Bayside Methodist Circuit, Centenary Church in Sidney Township, Wesley Church in Sidney Township, and White's Church in Bayside, Case's Church in Sidney), 1905-1972; records of Aiken's United Church (formerly Aiken's Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1901-1972 (note: the Aiken's U.C.W. branch continued to meet after the church closed in 1969); records of Centenary United Church (formerly Centenary Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1912-1978 (note: the Cetenary U.C.W. branch, the Sunday School, and the youth group continued to meet after the church closed in 1969); records of Scott's United Church (formerly Scott's Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1904-1969; records of Stone United Church (formerly Stone Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1898-1967; records of Wallbridge United Church (formerly Town Hall Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1876-1970 (note: the Wallbridge U.C.W. branch continued to meet after the church was closed in 1969); records of Wesley United Church in Sidney Township, 1934-1966; records of White's United Church (formerly White's Methodist Church) in Sidney Township, 1920-1968; and records of Sidney Pastoral Charge (beginning in 1969 and including Westminster United Church in Sidney Township), 1969-1982; also includes W.M.S. photographs.

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Wilfrid Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F1739 · Fonds · 1998

Fonds consists of the following series: Quarterly Official Board minutes of Wilfrid Methodist Circuit (includes Wilfrid, Derryville), 1898-1917; records of Udora Methodist Church, 1897-1919; records, including marriages, 1897-1926, 1955, 1967-1984, of Wilfrid Pastoral Charge (includes Wilfrid Methodist Circuit, Wilfrid, Cooke's Church in Pefferlaw, Derryville (1925-1966), and Udora (since 1966)), 1897-1987; baptisms, 1938-1954, marriages, 1896-1966, and burials, 1938-1966, of Vroomanton Pastoral Charge (includes Vroomanton Methodist Circuit, Vroomanton, Victoria Corners, and Udora), 1896-1966; records of Wilfrid United Church, 1925-1988; records of Victoria Corners United Church, 1935-1943; and records of Udora United Church (includes Udora Methodist Church), 1916-1990.

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CA ON00340 F1769 · Fonds · 1834-1992

Fonds consists of records of Hamilton Wesleyan Missionary Society (includes First Wesleyan Methodist Church (King St.), Brick Wesleyan Methodist Church (John St.), Stone Wesleyan Methodist Church (MacNab St.), Centenary Wesleyan Methodist Church (Main St.), 1834-1884; records of Stone Wesleyan Methodist Church (MacNab St.), Hamilton, 1838-1870; records of Brick Wesleyan Methodist Church (John St.), Hamilton, 1841-1860; Sunday School records of Centenary Methodist Church (Main St.), Hamilton, 1868-1873; records, including marriages, 1858-1914, of Wesley Methodist Church (John St.), Hamilton (includes Brick Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1858-1921; records, including marriages, 1896-1913, 1921, of Centenary Methodist Church (Main St.), Hamilton (includes Centenary Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1866-1924; Sunday School records of Simcoe Street Methodist Church, Hamilton (includes Simcoe Street Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1872-1879; records, including marriages, 1898-1917, of Gore Street Methodist Church, Hamilton, 1887-1917; records, including baptisms, 1897-1957, marriages, 1899-1936, 1942-1956, burials, 1899-1949, of Wesley United Church (John St.), Hamilton (includes Wesley Methodist Church), 1841-1957; records, including baptisms, 1903-1957, 1961-1962, marriages, 1898-1897-1972, burials, 1903-1960, of Centenary United Church (Main St.), Hamilton (includes Centenary Methodist Church), 1898-1992.

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CA ON00340 F1794 · Fonds · 1887-1992

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1925, and photographs, of Glebe Road United Church, Toronto (includes Davisville Methodist Church), 1887-1992.

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CA ON00340 F1797 · Fonds · 1911-1992

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1911-1920, 1925, 1929-1935, and 1944-1985, and burials, 1952-1980, of Humbercrest United Church (includes Jane Street Methodist Mission and Humbercrest Methodist Church), 1911-1992.

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