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Cataraqui Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1591
  • Fondos
  • 1842-1961

Fonds consists of records, including marriages (Bath Road Church, ), 1861-1892, and baptisms , 1901-1904, of Cataraqui Methodist Circuit (includes Cataraqui (formerly Waterloo) Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Battersea (to 1867), Waldron's (later Sunbury, to 1867), Elginburg, Glenvale, Glen Burnie, Highland's, Westbrook, Cataraqui, Collins Bay, Lake Shore, Portsmouth, Storrington (later Inverary), Bath Road (formerly Primitive Methodist), and Union (Lake Shore and Bath Road churches), 1842-1904; minutes of women's groups, 1892-1923, of Cataraqui Methodist Church; records, including baptisms, 1905-1950, marriages, 1896-1953 and 1961, and burials, 1905-1952, of Cataraqui Pastoral Charge (includes Cataraqui Methodist Circuit, Cataraqui, Collins Bay (to 1958), and Westbrook), 1884-1960; minutes of women's groups, 1923-1961, of Cataraqui United Church (includes Catarqui Methodist Church); and Trustee Board minutes, 1894-1928, of Lake Shore and Bath Road Union Church.

Cataraqui Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Elmsley-Lombardy Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1594
  • Fondos
  • 1861-2015

Fonds consists of deed of Newboyne Methodist Church, 1861; deed of Lombardy Methodist Church, 1885-1886; records of Elmsley Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Port Elmsley and St. Mary's/Bethel Presbyterian Church in Oliver's Ferry), 1886-1907; Records of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Rideau Ferry, 1902-1916; records, including baptisms, 1886-1972, marriages, 1868-1872, 1886-1986, and burials, 1908, 1927-1977, of Elmsley-Lombardy Pastoral Charge (includes Elmsley Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, Lombardy Methodist Circuit [includes Lombardy, Ferry, Wiltser's, Newboyne, Oliver's Ferry, Cranworth, Shanes, Elmgrove, and Van Dusen], Lombardy United Church, St. Andrew's United Church in Port Elmsley, and Bethel United Church in Rideau Ferry), 1868-2014; records of Bethel United Church in Rideau Ferry (also includes Bethel Presbyterian), 1907-2015; records of St. Andrew's United Church, Port Elmsley, 1929-2004; records of Lombardy United Church, 1929-2014

Elmsley - Lombardy Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Arva - Hyde Park Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1613
  • Fondos
  • 1870-2017

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1899-1925, of St. John's Methodist Circuit (includes London South Methodist Circuit, Arva, Hyde Park, Melrose), 1899-1925; Epworth League minutes of Hyde Park Methodist Church, 1894-1899; records of Arva Methodist Church, 1898-1920; records of Melrose Methodist Church, 1900-1925; records, including marriages, 1896-1918, British and Foreign Bible Society Hyde Park Branch (Methodist and Presbyterian) minutes, 1887-1916, of Hyde Park Presbyterian Church, 1875-1925; records, including baptisms, 1930-192, and marriages, 1926-1948, of Arva - Hyde Park Pastoral Charge (includes St. John's Methodist Circuit, St. John's Pastoral Charge, Arva - Hyde Park - Melrose Pastoral Charge, Arva, Hyde Park, Melrose), 1898-1985; records of Hyde Park United Church (includes Hyde Park Presbyterian Church, Hyde Park Methodist Church), 1877-2011; records of Arva United Church (includes Arva Methodist Church), 1870-1967; records of Melrose United Church (includes Melrose Methodist Church), 1880-2017.

Arva-Hyde Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

St. Paul's United Church (Aylmer, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1617
  • Fondos
  • 1856-1939

Fonds consists of Quarterly Board minutes, 1856-1893, Finance Committee minutes, 1895-1919, collection book, 1894-1908, of St. Paul's Methodist Church, Aylmer (includes Aylmer Wesleyan Methodist Church); Woman's Association minutes of St. Paul's United Church, Aylmer, 1937-1939.

St. Paul's United Church (Aylmer, Ont.)

Cottam Methodist Circuit (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1638
  • Fondos
  • 1878-1901

Fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes of Cottam Methodist Circuit (includes Essex Centre (now Essex) Methodist Circuit, Cottam, Belle River, Olinda, North Ridge), 1878-1901.

Cottam Methodist Circuit (Ont.)

Leeburn Presbyterian Church (Colborne Township, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1644
  • Fondos
  • 1879-1925

Fonds consists of baptismal register, 1888-1921, communion roll, 1890-1908, Session minutes, 1879-1925, of Leeburn Presbyterian Church, Colborne Township.

Leeburn Presbyterian Church (Colborne Township, Ont.)

Inglewood Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1646
  • Fondos
  • 1831-1998

Fonds consists of circuit register of Chinguacousy Methodist Circuit (includes Chinguacousy Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Dixon's Church in Chinguacousy Township, Salmonville, Campbell's Cross (now Dublin Castle), 1872-1876; records, including marriages (includes Claude Presbyterian Church), 1857-1896, of Mayfield Presbyterian Church, 1832-1923; records, including baptisms, 1872-1909, marriages, 1897-1925, of Cheltenham Presbyterian Church (includes Mount Pleasant), 1869-1925; records, including baptisms, 1831-1995, marriages, 1896-1931, 1936-1967, burials, 1915-1927, 1952-1987, of Inglewood Pastoral Charge (includes Inglewood Methodist Circuit, Claude Presbyterian Church, Mayfield Presbyterian Church, Inglewood, Mayfield, Cheltenham, Dixon's Church in Chinguacousy Township (now dissolved)), 1831-1995; Trustee Board minutes of Dixon's United Church, Chinguacousy Township, 1938-1948; records, including , marriages, 1934-1988, of Inglewood United Church (includes Chinguacousy Methodist Circuit, Claude Presbyterian Church), 1852-1994; records, including marriages, 1968-1998, of Mayfield United Church (includes Mayfield Presbyterian Church), 1857-1998; records of Cheltenham United Church (includes Cheltenham Presbyterian Church), 1884-1956.

Inglewood Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Dungannon Union Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1647
  • Fondos
  • 1855-2014

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1896-1920, of Dungannon Methodist Circuit (includes Dungannon Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Dungannon, Nile, Crewe, Sheppardton), 1855-1925; circuit register of Nile Methodist Circuit (includes Nile, Sheppardton, Ebenezer Church in Ashfield Township), 1888-1922; records of Dungannon Methodist Church, 1888-1919; Trustee Board minutes of Nile Methodist Church, 1888-1905; records of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Port Albert, 1873-1921; baptisms, 1901-1938, marriages, 1900-1939, burials, 1900-1938, of Nile Pastoral Charge (includes Nile Methodist Circuit, Nile, Leeburn Church in Colborne Township, Sheppardton, Ebenezer Church in Ashfield Township); Official Board minutes of Nile - Benmiller Pastoral Charge (includes Nile Methodist Circuit, Nile Pastoral Charge, Nile, Benmiller, Leeburn Church in Colborne Township), 1920-1953; records of Dungannon Pastoral Charge (includes Dungannon Methodist Circuit, Nile - Benmiller Pastoral Charge, Dungannon, Crew, Port Albert, Nile), 1907-1984, includeing records of baptisms 1905-1977, Marriages 1912-1977, and burials 1915-1977; records of Crewe United Church (includes Crewe Methodist Church), 1906-1953; records of Port Albert United Church (includes St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Port Albert), 1928-1961; records of Dungannon Union Pastoral Charge (includes Dungannon Pastoral Charge, Port Albert, Nile, Dungannon, Donnybrook, Trinity United Church in Ashfied), 1966-2014; historic roll of Trinity United Church in Ashfield (includes Ashfield Pastoral Charge, Blake's, Hackett's and St. Helen's), 1938-1988; records, including a marriage record, 1935, of Dungannon United Church (includes Dungannon Methodist Church), 1916-1961.

Dungannon Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Trinity United Church (Napanee, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1650
  • Fondos
  • 1851-1988

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1911-1922, of Trinity (formerly Eastern) Methodist Church in Napanee (pre-1872, also includes Napanee (Wesleyan) Methodist Circuit, made up of Napanee, Sand Hill, Houghs, Little Creek (now Anderson), Adolphustown Township, Olivers, Selby, Tyendinaga Township, Union Church, Morven, Big Creek, Mount Pleasant, and Mill Point (now Deseronto), 1851-1925; and records, including baptisms, 1897-1960, marriages, 1897-1984, and burials, 1897-1967, of Trinity United Church in Napanee (also includes Trinity Methodist Church), 1897-1988.

Trinity United Church (Napanee, Ont.)

Bay Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1651
  • Fondos
  • 1882-1970

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1918-1967, marriages, 1919-1966, and burials, 1922-1966, of Bay Pastoral Charge (includes Anderson, Bethany, Gretna, Hay Bay, and Sand Hill; also includes Bay Methodist Circuit, which included the additional point, Gosport), 1882-1970; WMS minutes, 1939-1957; Church histories of Bethany UC, Anderson Church, and Gretna Church.

Bay Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Picton United Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1656
  • Fondos
  • 1820-2016

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1856-1868, 1896-1920, of Picton Methodist Church (also includes First Methodist Church in Picton), 1820-1927; records, including marriages 1896-1918, of Main Street Methodist Church in Picton, 1880-1918; and records, including baptisms, 1900-1939, 1952-1988, marriages, 1901-1991, 2006-2014, and burials, 1900-1977, 1999-2013, of Picton United Church (includes Picton Methodist Church and Main Street United Church), 1881-2016.

Picton United Church (Ont.)

Grace United Church (London, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1660
  • Fondos
  • 1850-2014

Fonds consists of records of Grace Methodist Church, 1850-1923; and baptisms, 1932-2014, marriages, 1923-2014, burials, 1932-1955, 1961-2014, of Grace United Church, London (includes Grace Methodist Church), 1923-2014.

Grace United Church (London, Ont.)

Fullarton Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1662
  • Fondos
  • 1860-1968

Fonds consists of Sunday School record books of Fullarton Sunday School, 1860-1864; records, including marriages, 1897-1918, of Fullarton Methodist Circuit (includes Fullarton, Mount Pleasant, Bethel (now Munro), Carlingford), 1893-1918; records of Fullarton Methodist Church, 1874-1923; Board of Trustees minutes, 1885-1901, Building Committee minutes, 1890-1894, of Carlingford Methodist Church; Session minutes of Knox Presbyterian Church, Carlingford, 1892-1925; records, including baptisms, 1892-1968, marriages, 1919-1968, burials, 1917-1968, of Fullarton Pastoral Charge (includes Fullarton Methodist Circuit, Fullarton, Mount Pleasant, Bethel (now Munro), Carlingford), 1892-1968; records of Fullarton United Church (includes Fullarton Methodist Church), 1921-1968; records of Bethel - Munro United Church, Munro (includes Bethel Methodist Church), 1918-1968; records of Carlingford United Church (includes Carlingford Methodist Church), 1925-1968; and charter list of members, 1968, Official Board minutes, 1955-1968, United Church Women minutes, 1868-1974, of Thamesview United Church, Fullarton (includes Fullarton Pastoral Charge).

Fullarton Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Dundas Street Centre United Church (London, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1682
  • Fondos
  • 1871-1950

Fonds consists of records of Dundas Street Centre Methodist Church, London (includes Dundas Street Wesleyan Church, Hill Street Mission), 1871-1924; records, including baptisms, 1901-1947, marriages, 1901-1906, 1925-1950, burials, 1901-1948, of Dundas Street Centre United Church, London (includes Dundas Street Centre Methodist Church), 1897-1950.

Dundas Street Centre United Church (London, Ont.)

Ripley - Bervie/Kinloss Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1705
  • Fondos
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records of Bervie Methodist Circuit (includes Bervie, Armow, Millarton, Kinloss, Zion Church), 1889-1921; records, including baptisms, 1896-1922, marriages, 1896-1917, of Ripley Methodist Circuit (includes Ripley, Bethel, Mount Zion (now Holyrood), Olivet, Clarke Church in Clarks Church), 1884-1922; membership record of Clarke Methodist Church, Clarks Church, 1903-1910; records of Ripley Methodist Church, 1885-1923; Woman's Missionary Society minutes of Kinloss Methodist Church, 1913-1920; records, including baptisms, 1901-1922, of Huron Presbyterian Church, Ripley, 1874-1922; communion roll/register of Knox Presbyterian Church, Ripley, 1910-1923; communion roll/register of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Ripley, 1922-1925; records, including baptisms, 1922-1980, marriages, 1913-1942, 1955-1970, burials, 1942-1980, of Ripley Pastoral Charge (includes Ripley Methodist Circuit, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Knox Presbyterian Church, St. Andrew's United Church, Olivet, Clarks Church), 1913-1980; circuit register of Armow Pastoral Charge (includes Armow Methodist Circuit, Armow, Millarton, Zion Church), 1921-1954; records, including baptisms, 1920-1964, marriages, 1896-1950, burials, 1923-1955, of Bervie Pastoral Charge (includes Bervie Methodist Circuit, Armow Methodist Circuit, Armow Pastoral Charge, Bervie, Kinloss), 1896-1964; records, including marriages, 1913-1942, of St. Andrew's United Church, Ripley (includes Knox Presbyterian Church, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Ripley Methodist Church), 1874-1995; records of Clarke United Church, Clarks Church (includes Clarke Methodist Church), 1900-1971; records of Olivet United Church (includes Ripley Methodist Church), 1920-1976; records of Kinloss United Church (includes Kinloss Methodist Church), 1920-2009; records, including marriages, 1923-1927, 1952-1954, of Chalmer's United Church, Armow (includes Armow Methodist Church), 1923-1970; records of Bervie United Church, 1940-1982; records, including baptisms, 1959-1966, of Zion United Church, 1959-1967; records of Millarton United Church, 1942-1973.

Ripley-Bervie/Kinloss Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Harpurhey United Presbyterian Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1713
  • Fondos
  • 1848-1854

Fonds consists of congregational minutes of Harpurhey United Presbyterain Church, 1848-1854.

Harpurhey United Presbyterian Church (Ont.)

Ingersoll Methodist Circuit (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1719
  • Fondos
  • 1849-1887

Fonds consists of marriage register, 1858-1875, Quarterly Board minutes, 1849-1887, of Ingersoll Methodist Circuit (includes Oxford/Ingersoll Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Ingersoll (formerly Oxford), Thamesford, Sweaburg).

Ingersoll Methodist Circuit (Ont.)

Ausable Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1720
  • Fondos
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of circuit register of Sylvan Methodist Circuit (includes Parkhill Methodist Episcopal Circuit, Boston (now Greenway), Salem Church in West Williams Township), Sylvan, Centenary Church), 1878-1924; records, including marriages, 1896-1897, of Jubilee Methodist Church, Parkhill (includes Parkhill Wesleyan Methodist Church), 1871-1897; marriages, 1900-1911, and Woman's Missionary Society records of Thedford Methodist Church, 1916-1923; financial record book of McGillivray Presbyterian Church, 1882-1889; communion registers of Parkhill Presbyterian Church, 1906-1922; Official Board minutes of Jubilee Pastoral Charge, Parkhill (includes Parkhill Methodist Circuit, Jubilee Church in Parkhill, Centenary Church), 1879-1931; records, including baptisms, 1902-1938, 1944-1948, 1982-2001, marriages, 1902-1999, burials, 1901-2000, of Parkhill Pastoral Charge (includes Parkhill Methodist Circuit, St. Paul's Pastoral Charge, Parkhill, Lieury), 1898-2002; communion roll of St. Paul's United Church, Parkhill (includes Parkhill Presbyterian Church), 1923-1929; Ladies Aid Society minutes of Jubilee United Church, Parkhill; records, including baptisms, 1921-1981, of Lieury United Church (includes McGillivray Presbyterian Church), 1882-2002; records, including marriages, 1932-1944, of Parkhill United Church, 1929-1969; records, including baptisms, 1900-1925, marriages, 1902-1925, and burials, 1901-1925, of Thedford United Church (includes Thedford Methodist Church), 1900-1953; and records of Sylvan United Church, 1928-1963.

Ausable Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

German United Church (Hamilton, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1729
  • Fondos
  • 1967-1971

Fonds consists of congregational minutes, 1970-1971, financial statements, 1969-1970, collection records, 1967, 1969, Sunday School records, 1970, of German United Church, Hamilton.

German United Church (Hamilton, Ont.)

Burford United Church (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1730
  • Fondos
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records of Burford Methodist Circuit (includes Burford, Fairfield, Falkland, Cathcart, Bethel and Salem Churches in Burford Township), 1878-1922; records, including baptisms, 1900-2000, marriages, 1896-1972, burials, 1901-2000, of Burford Pastoral Charge (includes Burford Methodist Circuit, Burford, Fairfield Plain, Bethel Stone Church in Burford Township), 1896-2000; records of Burford United Church (includes Burford Methodist Church), 1897-2002.

Burford United Church (Ont.)

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