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Laura H. Hambley fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3590
  • Fondos
  • [188-?]-[192-]

Fonds consists of two lantern slide collections with accompanying scripts; one entitled "New Calls for Christian Living" (22 slides), and another, untitled (178 slides). Slides are a mixture of images of general Japanese culture; the images have been digitized. Some photographs may have been taken by W.O. Fryer, others were likely purchased from commercial sources.

Hambley, Laura Hannah, 1877-1951

Frank Prescott Fidler fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3632
  • Fondos
  • [191-?]-1990

Fonds consists of the following Series: 1) Correspondence, 1925-1991 , 2) Manuscripts, 1920?-1975, 3) Sermons, 1933-1969 , 4) Personal Registers, 1934-1990 , 5) Photographs, [191-?]-1966.

Fidler, Frank Prescott, 1907-1995

Constance Kilborn Walmsley and Lewis Walmsley fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3167
  • Fondos
  • [191-]-1998

Fonds consists of four series: 1) Personal Correspondence and Ephemera, 1911-1998, 2) Educational Work, [194-]-1985, 3) Publications and Other Works, 1917-1977, 4) Photographs, [191-]-1973.

Walmsley, Lewis Calvin, 1897-1998

Edith Sparling fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3684
  • Fondos
  • [192-?]-1935

Fonds consists of two series: 1) Records relating to Missionary Education, 1932, 2) Photographs, [192-?]-1935.

Sparling, Edith, 1879-1965

F.C. Stephenson Family fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3189
  • Fondos
  • 1884-[195-?]

Fonds consists of nine series: 1) Records relating to the Young People's Forward Movement for Missions, 1894-1926, 2) Records relating to Methodist Missionary Education, [18--]-1949, 3) Records relating to Methodist Printing and Publishing, 1901-1936, 4) Records relating to the Methodist Church of Canada, 1898-1925, 5) Records relating to the United Church of Canada’s Young People’s Missionary Education Department, 1925-1941, 6) Records relating to National and International Bodies of Youth and Missionary Education, 1884-1937, 7) Stephenson Family Records, 1906-1940, 8) Cartographic Material, 1917-1933, 9) Graphic Material, [18--?]-[195-?].

Stephenson (family)

Evelyn May Ricker fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3726
  • Fondos
  • [19--]-[199-]

Fonds consists of two series: 1) Correspondence and Ephemera, 1905-2000, 2) Photographs, [19--]-[199-].

Ricker, Evelyn May, 1905-2000

Portraits Collection

  • CA ON00340 F3736
  • Colección
  • [1800]-2010

Collection consists of portraits of ministers, missionionaries, and staff from the United Church of Canada and antecedent denominations [1800]-2010.

Sydenham-Perth Road Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1574
  • Fondos
  • 1996-1997

Fonds consists of records of Waterloo Methodist Episcopal Circuit (includes points in the Townships of Kingston, Ernestown, Storrington, and Loughborough, including Waterloo (now Cataraqui), Wilton, and later Inverary, Horning's, Battersea, Freeman's, Counter's, and Sydenham), 1825-1845; records, including baptisms, 1839 and 1844-1849, of Loughborough Methodist Episcopal Circuit (includes Waterloo Methodist Episcopal Circuit, and points in the Townships of Loughborough, Ernestown, Storrington, and Kingston, including White Chapel in Loughborough, Mill Creek (now Odessa), Wilmer, Horning's, Lake Opinicon, Buck Lake, Head of Lake (now Kepler), Harker's, Spaffordton, and Sydenham), 1839-1884; baptisms and membership roll, 1854-1878, of Portland Primitive Methodist Mission (includes points in the Townships of Portland, Loughborough, Storrington, Kingston, and Ernestown, including Sydenham, Storrington (now Inverary), Zion Church, Florida, Pine Grove, Sand Hill, Wilton, and Sharpton); records of Sydenham Methodist Circuit (includes points in the Townships of Loughborough, including Sydenham, Spaffordton, and Wilmer), [ca.1870]-1912; records, including baptisms, 1901-1920, marriages, 1910, and burials, 1901-1920, of Perth Road Methodist Circuit (includes points in the Townships of Loughborough, Storrington, and Bedford, including Wilmer, Perth Road, Harker's, Lake Opinicon, Buck Lake, Devil Lake, North Shore, Bedford Mills, Maple Leaf, and Leland), 1886-1920; redords, including baptisms, 1913-1964, 1967-2003, marriages, 1914-1978, 1983-2003, and burials, 1912-1963, 1967-2003, of Sydenham-Perth Road Pastoral Charge (includes points in the Townships of Loughborough and Storrington, including Perth Road Methodist Circuit, Perth Road Pastoral Charge (Perth Road, Wilmer, Maple Leaf, Leland, and Lake Opinicon), and Sydenham), 1912-2003; records, including baptisms, 1908-1967, 2004-2009, marriages, 1896-1983, 2004-2009, and burials, 1908-1966, 2004-2009 of Grace United Church in Sydenham (includes Sydenham Methodist Church), 1896-2010; records of Perth Road Pastoral Charge (includes points in the Townships of Loughborough and Storrington, including Perth Road, Wilmer, Maple Leaf, Leland, and Lake Opinicon), 1957-1977; and records of women's groups of Maple Leaf United Church, 1946-1970.

Sydenham - Perth Road Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

United Church of Canada Division of Finance fonds

  • F519
  • Fondos
  • 1825-2019

Fonds consists of the following series: 1) Records of the Finance Committee/Board of Finance/Division of Finance, 1926-2003; 2) Records of the Treasurer and Department of the Treasury, 1926-2017; 3) Records of the Department of Stewardship Services and Antecedent Committees and Department, 1925-2005; 4) Records of the Pensions Board and Department of Pensions and Group Insurance, 1925-2009; 5) Property Files, 1811-2008; 6) Trust, Bequest, Estate Files of the United Church of Canada and its Antecedent Denominations, 1862-2004; 7) Special Gift Annuities and Pre-Authorized Remittance Files, 1947-2003; 8) Pension Files, 1825-2012; and 9) Royalties, 1995-2001.

United Church of Canada. Division of Finance

Egerton Ryerson Young fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3607
  • Fondos
  • 1838-2001

Fonds consists of the following series: 1) Correspondence, 1860-1976; 2) Notebooks and diaries, 1838-1940; 3) Miscellaneous material, 1868-1940, 4) Literary manuscripts, 1885-1977; 5) Records of Elizabeth Bingham Young, 1868-2001; 6) Records of Egerton Ryerson Young Jr., 1902-1935; 7) Records of Lilian Young, 1894-1895.

Young, Egerton Ryerson, 1840-1909

Sebringville Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1276
  • Fondos
  • 1847-2019

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1847-1882, marriages, 1854-1861, and burials, 1854-1871, of Sebringville Evangelical Association Circuit, 1847-1921; records of Rostock Evangelical Church (includes Rostock Evangelical Association Church), 1872-1938; records, including baptisms, 1882-1942 and marriages, 1882-1944, of Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Sebringville (includes Sebringville Evangelical Association Circuit), 1874-1945; records, including baptisms, 1963-2013, marriages, 1900-2016, and burials, 1963-2019, of Emmanuel United Brethren Church, Sebringville (includes Emmanuel Evangelical Church), 1900-1972; records of Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church, Rostock (includes Rostock Evangelical Association Church, Rostock Evangelical Church), 1926-1965; records of Sebringville Pastoral Charge (includes Emmanuel United Church, Sebringivlle and Zion United Church, Rostock), 1971-2004; records, including marriages, 1859-1979, of Emmanuel United Church, Sebringville (includes Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethren Church), 1896-2019.

Sebringville Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Knox United Church (Scarborough, Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1743
  • Fondos
  • 1848-2019

Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1858-1857, marriages, 1848-1859, and burials, 1848-1892, of Knox Presbyterian Church, Agincourt, 1848-1925; records, including baptisms, 1848-1976, marriages, 1909-1985, and burials, 1892-2006, of Knox United Church, 1848-2019; records, including baptisms, 1962-1970, marriages, 1966-1970, and burials, 1963-1969, of Birchmount - Sheppard United Church, 1962-1970.

Knox United Church (Toronto, Ont.)

Romney Pastoral Charge (Ont.) fonds

  • CA ON00340 F1822
  • Fondos
  • 1859-2016

Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1859-1877, of Romney Methodist Circuit (includes Romney Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Romney, Zion, The Ridge, Salem, Talbot Street and Victoria Churches in Romney Township, Wesley Church, Coatsworth Station, Windfall church in Mersea Township), 1859-1919; records, including baptisms, 1900-1935, 1941-1944, marriages, 1900-1957, burials, 1908-1937, 1942-1953, of Romney-Glenwood Pastoral Charge (includes Romney Methodist Circuit, Coatsworth Methodist Circuit (includes Coatsworth Station, Glenwood, Victoria Church in Romney Township, Wesley Church), Coatsworth Pastoral Charge (includes Coatsworth Station, Glenwood, Wesley Church), Romney, Talbot Street and Zion Churches in Romney Township, Glenwood), 1900-1957; Official Board minutes of Glenwood Pastoral Charge (includes Coatsworth Methodist Circuit, Coatsworth Pastoral Charge, Glenwood, Grace Church, Wesley Church), 1917-1930; Trustee Board minutes of Victoria United Church, Romney Township (includes Victoria Methodist Church), 1901-1931; records, including baptisms, 2009-2014, marriages, 2006-2012, and burials, 2005-2016, of Trinity United Church, Romney, 1963-2016.

Romney-Glenwood Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

Ontario Churches and Institutions Photograph collection

  • CA ON00340 F2937
  • Colección
  • 1859-2004

Collection consists of photographs, including glass slides, slides, and negatives, of Ontario churches and institutions affiliated with the United Church of Canada within the boundaries of the Province of Ontario. Subjects of the photographs can include building exteriors and interiors, groups, and special events.

Ontario Churches and Institutions Photograph Collection

Brown Family fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3732
  • Fondos
  • 1860-2014

Fonds contains writings and research conducted by Jennifer Brown and Harcourt Brown on their ancestor Rev. Egerton Ryerson Young and relations 1960-2014.

Brown Family, 1900-

Evelyn G. Buchanan fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3403
  • Fondos
  • 1861-1970

Fonds consists of two series: 1) Personal Papers, 1917-1962, 2) Photographs, 1861-1970.

Buchanan, Evelyn G., b.1886

Archives Biography Form Photograph Collection

  • CA ON00340 F3734
  • Colección
  • 1880-1999

Collection contains photographs associated with biographical forms collected by the United Church of Canada Archives 1947-1997.

Edward Wilson Wallace fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3173
  • Fondos
  • [1880]-1953

Fonds consists of seven series: 1) Correspondence, 1881-1953, 2) Diaries, 1881-1941, 3) Sermons, n.d., 4) Addresses, 1903-1939, 5) Articles and Manuscripts, 1913-1936, 6) Records relating to family and work in China, 1901-1944, 7) Photographs, [1880]-[194?].

Wallace, Edward Wilson, 1880-1941

Lynden Barclay fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3721
  • Fondos
  • 1890?-1953

Fonds consists of two series: 1) Personal Papers, 1921-1953, 2) Photographs, 1890?-[1950?].

Barclay, Lynden Harold Winter, 1912-1953

Gladys Gardiner fonds

  • CA ON00340 F3320
  • Fondos
  • [1890]-1960

Fonds consists of correspondence notes, and manuscripts re a history of Lynedoch Pastoral Charge; manuscripts of Lynedoch historical writing; pages with photographs and historical background; photographs (90.002C); correspondence re Griffin Pastoral Charge, 1933-1934; ephemera (90.003C).

Gardiner, Gladys, 1900-1995

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