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Personal Papers

Series contains correspondence, 1917-1975; scrapbook, biographical information, diaries, 1938-1954; papers, manuscripts and publications, ca. 1933-1961; correspondence and articles concerning political situation in China, 1940-1958; clippings, 1961-1976. Fonds also includes Council on Christian Literature for Overseas Chinese: minutes, 1961-1965; correspondence, 1955-1971; Church of Christ in China Hong Kong Council: annual reports, 1954-1971; publicity materials and clippings, ca. 1957-1970; and Christian Literature Society for China: minutes, 1933-1950; correspondence, 1938-1951; publicity, 1946-1947; literature, 1938-1944.

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Series contains Margaret Brown’s photographs from her time as a missionary and teacher at the Hip Woh School, Wesley Village, and Haven of Hope Sanatarium in Hong Kong, 1955.

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Series contains Nancy Capithorne’s reports on her missionary work in Angola, 1940-1972.

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Series contains Howard Norman’s family photographs and also photographs from his time in Japan as a missionary, 1925-1987.

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Records of Angus Hunter

Series consists of correspondence of Angus Hunter and his wife Enid, as well as some educational materials.

Personal Papers

Series consists of correspondence, scrapbooks, journals, and materials relating to experiences as a missionary in China and India, 1917-1962.

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Audio Visual Material

Series contains a video cassette with footage from when Wilbur Howard received the Order of Ontario, May 8, 1991.

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In addition to his regular correspondence, Edward Wallace kept many diaries, including a special “Diary Letter” from 1906-1911. Series consists of diaries and diary letters documenting Edward Wallace’s life and missionary work, 1881-1941.

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Articles and Manuscripts

Series consists of articles and original manuscripts, including “Being a Missionary in China”, written by Edward Wallace, 1913-1936.

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Records Relating to Development

Series consists of the following subseries 1) Records of Secretaries, 1973-2003, 2) Records of Development Committee, 1989-1995; 3) General Office Files, 1972-1994; 4) Records re Emergency Relief, 1979-1997 5) Records re Development Programs in Specific Countries, 1990-1995.

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Biographical Records

Series consists of biographical records containing Wilna Thomas’s correspondence with her mother while overseas, student essays, and correspondence from Japanese friends following her retirement from active missionary work, 1934-1993.

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Records relating to pastoral charges

Series consists of correspondence, property records, reports, surveys, grant applications, financial and other records of pastoral charges and local congregations, including; Peterborough: George St. and St. Andrew’s; Peterborough: Mark Street; Peterborough: St. James; Peterborough: St. Matthew’s, and Warsaw.

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Partners in Asia

Under the major reorganization of 2002, work related to Asia was moved to the Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations Unit. Work in the Unit was overseen by Area Secretaries (2002-2004), then Program Coordinators (2005-2010). From 2002-2003, work related to Asia was divided into South Asia/Pacific Islands and East Asia/Philippines. For 2004, work was divided into South Asia and East Asia/Philippines. In 2005, work was spread between South Asia/Pacific and Asia. In 2006, it was divided into South Asia/Pacific, and East/South-East Asia. In 2007 it changed to one Program Coordinator for East and South-East Asia. From 2008-2010, work fell under Asia. From 2010 until the end of 2012, work related to Asia was part of the Partners in Mission Unit. The Asia program was overseen by Program Coordinator, Bern Jagunos.

In 2013, the Communities in Ministry and Partners in Mission units were merged to create Church in Mission. In the Church in Mission Unit, work related to Asia was a part of Church in Partnership, the work divided up by Team Leaders and Program Coordinators.

Series consists of the following subseries: Office Files, 1978-2011; Records re Partners in Asia, 1986-2013; Records re Ecumenical Organizations and Partnerships, 1999-2012.

Records Relating to People in Partnership

Work relating to Overseas Mission personnel was transferred from the former Division of World Outreach unit to the newly formed Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations unit in 2002. The unit coordinated the sending and receiving of mission personnel as an expression of partnership in God’s mission. Global mission personnel sent and received by the United Church symbolizes the church’s commitment to provide solidarity and to nurture global partnership, to enable the sharing of faith perspectives, to share skills, and to engage people in the work for global justice.

The cluster was titled Global Mission Personnel from 2002-2004, then the People in Partnership from 2005-2012. Patricia Talbot was Program Officer: Global Mission Personnel from 2002-2004, and Program Coordinator: People in Partnership, from 2005-2012.

In 2013, People in Partnership became part of the Church in Mission Unit.

Subseries consists of Administration and Office Files, 1987-2014; Records of Committees, 1997-2011; Personnel Files, 1992-2015; Scholarship Files, Records Relating to Scholarships, 1987-2012; Records Relating to Mutuality in Mission, 1973-1998.

Records Relating to Education for Justice

Work of the Education for Justice unit originated in the Education for Engagement unit of the Division of World Outreach. Work was transferred to the Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations unit when it was created in 2002.

This unit worked in close co-operation with Conferences to support groups and individuals in congregations, presbyteries, and Conferences by providing information and justice education resources that enable involvement in and connection between global and local justice issues. Principal vehicles were Mandate magazine and the mission theme. It also enabled people-to-people links through programs like Face to Face and supported mission interpretation by overseas personnel in Conferences and exposures trips by United Church groups to partners overseas.

The Justice portfolio was a part of Refugees, Immigration and Justice from 2002-2005. During 2005, JGER reorganized the educational work within the unit to better coordinate and integrate education about Canadian and global social justice issues, as well as to provide further support for United church members wanting to directly engage with global partners. Two new portfolios, Education for Justice and People in Mission, were created, and Education for Engagement ended. This reorganization provided opportunity for increased educational initiatives like Water in Focus.

Series consists of the following subseries: Records re Global Education Development, 2002-2013; Records re Education for Engagement, 1992-2010; Records re Education for Justice, 1997-2011.

Administrative records

Series consists of minutes of Executive and annual meetings, 1962-1972 (official); general files arranged by year including, for example, records of internal and international ecumenical committees, and correspondence of Board staff, and records of Crossroads Africa, 1961-1968.

Pamphlets and documents re China

Series consists of a collection of pamphlets and documents written by Canadian missionaries and others, both in China and foreign countries, which documents issues of relevance to the China mission field. It covers evangelistic, medical, educational, political, social, economic and cultural issues. The collection is divided both geographically (West China, Honan, South China), and by topic. The pamphlets are arranged in numeric order within geographic and topical subseries: West China Mission (76 pamphlets); Honan (North) Mission including Christian Literature Society for Canada, 1888-1948 (25 pamphlets); South China Mission, 1902-1952 (5 pamphlets); culture, society, religion, industry, (39 pamphlets); history, politics, and geography (32 pamphlets); education and medicine (40 pamphlets); miscellaneous missions and Chinese Christian Church (83 pamphlets); young people's mission material (35 pamphlets). The documents are arranged under the following headings: medical and educational work; mission work and the Christian Church in China; social and political. Also included are unlisted ephemera and publications in Chinese.

Records relating to Japan

Series consists of correspondence between the Secretary-treasurers of the mission and the Board Secretaries, 1926-1971; minutes and reports of committees and institutions, 1926-1971; architectural drawings; pamphlets re the Japanese church, missionaries, and institutions, 1884-1971; English copies of directives sent to Shizuoka Eiwa School by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers for the reform of the educational system; and records of the Kobokan Settlement House, 1935-1938.

Records relating to Zambia

Series consists of records relating to the Mission, 1952-1973, including, for example, minutes of the two uniting Churches, the newly established United Church of Central Africa in Northern Rhodesia/of Zambia, and other related bodies; reports of the Mindolo Ecumenical Institute; correspondence between missionaries and secretaries; correspondence between the United Church and the participating British and Zambian Churches; financial reports; and newspaper clippings and miscellaneous reports. Also included are records of the Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation which after 1962 developed apart from the United Church of Zambia, 1962-1974.

Printed Material

Series consists of printed materials for distribution by Board of Men and its predecessor committees, such as: promotional leaflets, manuals for many levels and areas of men's work/laymen's activities in the United Church, brochures for organizing Laymen's Sunday, and a published newsletter titled "National News".

Records of the Department of Adult Work

Series consists of eight subseries: 1) Records relating to Kairos, 1961-1970, 2) Records relating to Young Adults and Couples’ Clubs, 1936-1971, 3) General Records relating to Adult Christian Education, 1930-1971, 4) Records relating to Senior Adults, 1950-1972, 5) Records relating to Family Life, 1929-1971, 6) Records relating to Parent Education, 1958-1970, 7) Records of the Marriage Guidance Council, 1948-1971, 8) Records of the Associate Secretary, 1963-1973.

Minutes and Working Papers of the Executive, Annual and Staff Meetings

The Division met annually. It was responsible for setting policy and overall direction for the work to be carried out in the program units and by the staff of the Division.

Series consists of the following subseries: 1) Executive and Annual Meeting minutes, 1971-2002; 2) Records relating to the Executive Staff Committee, 1970-1984, 3) Records relating to the Augmented Executive Staff Committee, 1978-1980, 4) Records relating to the Senior Executive Staff/Management Group, 1980-1995, 5) Records relating to the Executive Staff Forum, 1983-1984, 6) Records relating to Staff meetings, 1971-2002.

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Records relating to Ecumenical Social Action

1986 Division of Mission report stated that one of the strongest features of ecumenism practiced by the United Church was through coalitions. “Ranging all the way from Human Rights in Latin America to peace work, through Project Ploughshares or the Task Force on Churches and Corporate Responsibility, as well as the area of criminal justice, the rights of native Canadians and the issue of Apartheid in South Africa, the Division of Mission in Canada in Cooperation with the Division of World Outreach and Division of Finance have placed this work in a high profile position.” The coalitions became a model for inter-church work in the area of human rights, justice and peace and became an established priority of the church.

Series consists of the following subseries: 1) Inter-Church Coalition for Refugees, 1976-1986; 2) Inter-Church Joint Strategy and Action Committee, 1977-1988; 3) Post-Industrial Futures Project, 1986-1988; 4) Organisation on Security and Co-operation in Europe, 1981-1999; 5) Christians Associated for Relationships with Eastern Europe, 1983-1991; 6) CACOM - Coalition Priorities and Administration Committee, 1990-1997; 7) Churches Human Rights Programme, 1975-1997; 8) Archives-Coalitions files, 1965-2004; 9) Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America, 1985-1989; 10) Ecumenical Coalition For Economic Justice, 1982-1998; 11) The Inter-Church Task Force on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility, 1979-1989; and 12) Inter Church Coalition on Africa, 1987-1989.

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Records of Standing Committees and Task Forces

Series consists of the following subseries: 1) Standing Committee on Financial Policy, 1971-1993; 2) Standing Committee on Lay Organizations, 1974-1977; 3) Standing Committee on National Housing, 1971-1978; 4) Mutuality in Mission Program, 1971-1992; 5) Interdivisional Committee on Native Ministries, 1986-1990; 6) Moderator’s Conference on the Holy Spirit, 1983-1984; 7) Committee on the Church and International Affairs, 1980-1990; 8) Records of the Committee on Women, Work and Worship, 1981-1984; 9) Records of Committee on Sexism, 1980-2000; 10) Records of the Interdivisional Ecumenical Decade Committee, 1987-1998; 11) Decade Monitoring Committee, 1993-1994; 12) Organization and Design Implementation Group, 1973-1977; 13) Task Force on Indian Work, 1972-1975; 14) Task Force on Immigration and Minority Groups, 1972-1977; 15) Task Force on Women and the Partnership between Men and Women in Church and Society, 1974-1976/ Working Group on Women’s Concerns, 1973-1984; 16) Task Force on Contraception and Abortion, 1971-1978; 17) Marriage and Alternative Lifestyles Task Force, 1974-1976; 18) Task Force on French/English Relations, 1972-1988; 19) Native Canadian Appeals and Projects Committee, 1973-1976; 20) National Coordinating Group for the Study on Sexual Orientations, Lifestyles and Ministry, 1979-1989; 21) Interdivisional Group on the Interpretation and Implementation of “Future Directions for Christian Education”, “Learning on the way”, “Confessing our Faith”, and the visioning of the Committee on Education for Mission, 1985-1992; 22) Key 1973 Task Force, 1972-1973; 23) Celdic Task Force, 1972; 24) Division Resource Group, 1972-1979; and 25) Inter-Church, Inter-Faith: Bearing Faithful Witness Study, 1990-2004.

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Records relating to French Ministries

The work of the Special Commission on French/English Relations reporting to the 25th General Council in 1972 included a recommendation to establish, through the Department of Church in Society, a Task Force on French/English Relations. The Division Executive approved this in 1973 and the Task Force met for the first time in 1974. The Task Force reported to General Council on ways in which the United Church of Canada could respond to the growing conflict in Canada between the two linguistic groups, and recommended that the Church appoint a full-time bilingual staff officer at United Church House who was sensitive to Quebec. It further recommended that Church members become aware of the cultural and sociological differences that exist between French and English in Canada, and that, in areas where there are significant French communities, Presbyteries create committees which would attempt to uncover the cause of tension and find some resolution to it. By 1979, the Task Force reported through the Working Unit on Social Issues and Justice (WUSIJ). In 1983 it became the National Sub-Unit on French/English Relations. When the Division reorganized in 1989, the work of the Sub-Unit became part of the mandate of Program Unit 3.

A General Council Working Unit on Ministries in French was established by the 28th General Council in 1980 to report on a long-range policy for ministry in French and presented its report to the 29th General Council in 1982, The Church Whole. It continued in order to monitor the report's implementation and was renewed in 1984 and 1986.

The General Council Executive commissioned in November 1985 a “Projet de Coordination des Services en Francais/Comite des Services en Francais”. The recommendations were adopted by the General Council Executive in November 1986 and as a result the Division established a “Group de Travail Pour le Ministere National en Francais” (GTMNF) in 1987. The GTMNF had responsibility for work support of francophone congregations, French services, translation services, and the publication of Aujourd'hui Credo.

The General Council established a Task Group on French Ministries to examine the relation of GTMNF to the United Church Structures and it reported in 1992. As a result a “Comite Permanent des Ministeres en Francais” (COPERMIF) was established to be accountable to the General Council, facilitated by Montreal and Ottawa Conference. (See 95.030C 28-6 for an overview of this work)

Series contains five subseries: 1) Minutes and Staff Correspondence, 1977-1991, 2) Aujourd’hui/Credo, 1972-1989, 3) Annual Reports, 1980-1991, 4) Translation Services, 1986-1989, 5) Resource Development, 1964-1989.

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Records of the Ryerson Press

Series consists of minutes and correspondence of the Management Committee, 1964-1970, and some personal papers of Lorne Pierce. Business records include: notes on printing costs, 1940-1942, sales records, financial statements (1940s), profit and loss accounts, reviews of all operations of the Press by management consultants, 1960s, balance sheets and accounts, 1923-1939, operating and financial statements, 1941-1970, book and back lists, 1919-1935, and 565 reels of microfilmed business records (sales receipts, orders, etc.), 1955-1969. Legal records are included, relating to land holdings and deeds and literary and film agreements. Labour records include employees' benefit plans, labour relations in the 1950s, and payroll statements. Records on the publication of the United Church Hymnary include records of the Committee on Worship and Ritual. Also included is a series of catalogues of Ryerson books and historical documents relating to the founding of the Press.

Records of Meetings and the Board Executive

Series consists of minutes of Annual Meetings, 1955-1967; minutes of the Executive, 1956-1967 (incomplete); Annual Reports of the Board, 1956-1964; minutes and reports, agendas, and background materials of Board committees for which Secretaries had responsibility, including the Communications Standing Committee, Communications Survey Committee, Committee on Information and Public Relations, various committees on literature distribution, Stewardship Committee, Mission Education Committee, and Committee of Liaison with the Woman's Missionary Society, 1956-1967; correspondence with the General Council and Boards, 1955-1965; correspondence with Conferences and Presbyteries, 1956-1966; correspondence files with Board staff on subjects including Berkeley Studio, staff appointments, interdenominational broadcasting, 1957-1968; general correspondence files, 1957-1964; correspondence, financial and annual reports relating to the Literature Distribution Centre and regional depots, 1954-1966; a series of general files organized on a subject basis and arranged alphabetically, 1955-1965; financial documents including budgets, 1955-1965; and files related to general Board activities, including its constitution and amalgamation into the Division of Communication.

Records of the Department of Audio Visual Services

Series consists largely of the records of the Director and Assistant Directors, including minutes of committees, 1955-1957; similar records for films, 1965-1970; production files, including research material, correspondence, news clippings, interview transcripts and notes relating to the production of films, 1949-1967; workshop files relating to the uses and techniques of audio-visual materials by Church workers, 1961- 1968; and general subject files, containing correspondence, articles, questionnaires, reports, and circulars regarding research into audio-visual usage within the Church, policy matters, and Departmental administration.

Records of the Committees on Law and Legislation

Series consists of the following subseries; 1) Records Relating to Administration and Federal Legislation, 1901-1942, 2) Records of the Dominion Commission on Church Property, 1925-1927, 3) Papers of Gershom W. Mason, 1922-1946, 4) Records Relating to Provincial Property and Legislation, 1923-1933, 5) Legal Documents, 1926-1941.

Records relating to Finance

Series contains records relating to UCC Archives Finances 1985-2008. Records include budgets, bequests/trusts/endowments, donations, financial statements, financial appeals, grants and insurance.

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United Church Training School Records (includes Covenant College)

Series consists of Board of Management files, 1926-1966; committee records, 1931-1971; records relating to scholarship funds, bursaries, bequests and other donations; subject/correspondence files, 1926-1971; student records, [190?]-1970; records of classes, 1926-1961; calendars/newsletters/programs, 1926-1969; financial records, 1925-1969; scrapbooks, 1927-1959.

Certain files concerning bursaries and awards are restricted for seventy-five years from the date of creation.

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