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Archival description
CA UCCBC CHL IN · Fonds · 1871-1902

Fonds consists of Baptismal register (1878-1902), Marriage register (1878-1902), Burial register (1878-1902); and Trustees minutes (1871-1881).

Udal (mission boat) fonds
CA UCCBC ChMe 5 · Fonds · 1908-1909

Fonds consists of the ship's log from December 1908 to July 1909.

Workers Among Indians fonds
CA UCCBC AffB 2 · Fonds · 1923-1927

Fonds consists of minutes of the gathering from 1923 to 1927, together with a copy of a Special Report of the Superintendent of Missions written in December 1922.

B.C. Freeman fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 1 · Fonds · 1889-1980, predominant 1890-1935

Fonds consists of the following series: Writings, correspondence, and other records (1889-1980); B.C. Freeman photographs ([191-?]-[193-?]); and Ethel May Freeman photographs (1919-[193-?]).

CA UCCBC ChUn 17 · Fonds · 1962-1977, predominant 1970-1976

Fonds consists of the following series: Minutes and reports, 1962-1977; Finances and accounts, 1970-1976; Organization and staffing, 1970-1976; Property management, 1970-1976; Correspondence, 1970-1972; Projects and strategic planning, 1971-1977; Resident students' and band members' lists, 1962-1974; and Tseshaht United Church, 1971-1975. Minutes from 1962-1969, and possibly other records of the Advisory Committee to Indian Work in the Alberni Valley, were inherited by the Mission and are with the records.

CA UCCBC NAN HA · Fonds · 1891-1979

Fonds consists of records from Haliburton Street Methodist Church, South Nanaimo Pastoral Charge and Haliburton Street United Church. Records include Baptismal registers (1905-1966), Marriage register (1905-1966), Burial registers (1905-1947, 1954-1979); Circuit register (1893-1945), Communion Roll (1954-1968); Session minutes (1961-1966), Stewards minutes (1945-1966), Official Board minutes (1892-1966), Trustees minutes (1891-1913), Christian Education Committee mintues (1962-1966); Ladies' Aid minutes (1902-1962), Woman's Missionary Society minutes (1923-1961); As One That Serves minutes (1960-1961), Sunday School teacher's minutes (1899-1966); Young People's Union minutes (1943-1945), Young Women's Association minutes (1954-1961).

Jessie Oliver Collection
CA UCCBC Priv 28 · Collection · [190-?]-1988

Collection consists of materials relating to Oliver's ministry and work with Indigenous peoples. Collection contains Photographs (1934-1938), Memorabilia ([190-?]) and Reference materials ([193-?]-1988).

William Rickaby fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 37 · Fonds · 1896-1975

Fonds consists of four record series: Baptismal records (1941-1954); Correspondence (1938-1947); Memorabilia (1896-1975); and Photographs (1907-1972).

CA UCCBC NAN MI · Fonds · 1886-1952

Fonds consists of records from Nanaimo Indian Mission. Record series include: Baptism, marriage, and burial records (1886-1952) and Sunday school records (1892-1912).

CA UCCBC ChMD 6 · Fonds · 1881-1925

Fonds consists of the minutes of the Annual District and Ministerial Session, 1881-1900 and 1908-1925; and minutes of the Financial District, 1882-1899 and 1918-1925.

CA ON00340 F581 · Collection · 1885-1971

Collection consists of maps and architectural records of missions of the United Church of Canada and its antecedent denominations, 1885-1971, including: Elisabeth M. Crowe Memorial Cottage Hospital (Eriksdale, Man.); Battle River Mission (Manning, Alta.); Morley Methodist Mission (Alta.); Friendship House (Prince Rupert, B.C.); Hazelton Children's Home (B.C.); Children's Home (Lachine, Quebec) and Institut Francais (Pointe aux Trembles, Que.), Mount Elgin Industrial Institute [Mount Elgin Residential School] (St. Thomas, Ontario).

CA UCCBC ChMD 4 · Fonds · 1900-1907

Fonds consists of minutes of the Annual District and the Ministerial Session, 1901-1907; minutes of the Financial District, 1900-1906; and the Circuit Schedule, 1903-1904.

CA UCCBC ChMe 4 · Fonds · 1884-1890

Fonds consists of the ship's log from November, 1884 to May, 1890.

Vi Keenleyside fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 33 · Fonds · [192-?]-1987

Fonds consists of four record series relating to Keenleyside's research for They Also Came: Subject files ([1970?]-1984); Biographical files ([192-?]-1987); Photographs (1946-[1986?]); and Audio recordings ([197-?]).

CA UCCBC ChMe 2 · Fonds · 1893-1925

Fonds consists of incoming correspondence accumulated by J.H. White as Superintendent of Missions between 1910 and 1919; accounts of the Missionary Committee from July 1908 to July 1909; and accounts of the Home Missions Committee from 1893-1925. The mission boat logs are described with the Marine Committee of the United Church.

George H. Raley fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 3 · Fonds · 1893-1954

Fonds consists of a single series: Vital records (1893-1954). Some of the records are written on the reverse side of pages from a draft essay on Indigenous arts and industry.