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Margaret Luella Thibaudeau fonds
CA ON00340 F3764 · Fonds · [190-?]

Fonds consists of one photograph of Margaret Luella Thibaudeau, taken ca. 190-?, while a Deaconess at Wesley Methodist Church, Hamilton, ON.

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Laura H. Hambley fonds
CA ON00340 F3590 · Fonds · [188-?]-[192-]

Fonds consists of two lantern slide collections with accompanying scripts; one entitled "New Calls for Christian Living", and another, untitled. Slides are a mixture of images of general Japanese culture. Some photographs may have been taken by W.O. Fryer, others were likely purchased from commercial sources.

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Jessie Duncan fonds
CA ON00340 F3747 · Fonds · [194-?]

Fonds consists of two manuscripts written by Duncan, titled "India: A Manuscript by Jessie Duncan, a missionary in India for fourty years", and "India's womanhood on the march."

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Homer Grant Brown family fonds
CA ON00340 F3745 · Fonds · [194-?]

Fonds consists of a manuscript entitled "Evangelistic Work on the Chengtu District" written by Homer and Muriel Brown, undated; letter to "Eleanor" from Mrs. [Sophia] Hockey,1924; letter to Mrs. [Sophia] Hockey from Laura Hambley, 1924; letter to "Eleanor" from Laura Hambley, 1924; letter entitled "Why We Did Not Leave Chengtu" (unknown author, 1927); letter from Sophia Hockey to family and friends, 1929 and letters from Muriel Brown to family and friends 1936-1941.

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William Thomas Young fonds
F3743 · Fonds · ca. 196-

Fonds consists of one typed manuscript entitled "The Blending of Nationality" [ca. 196-].

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Edward William Horton fonds
CA ON00340 F3759 · Fonds · [196-?]

Fonds consists of one photograph of Edward W. Horton.

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Evelyn May Ricker fonds
CA ON00340 F3726 · Fonds · [19--]-[199-]

Fonds consists of two series: 1) Correspondence and Ephemera, 1905-2000, 2) Photographs, [19--]-[199-].

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Gundy family fonds
CA ON00340 F3380 · Fonds · 1841-1845

Fonds consists of correspondence of Rev. William Gundy, James Gundy, John Gundy, Samuel Gundy, Joseph Gundy and some of their family and friends concerning family matters, 1845-1880; a notebook of sermon outlines and scripture texts and a sermon by William Gundy, and a sermon by James Gundy (n.d.)

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Edward White family fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 41 · Fonds · 1852-1869

Fonds consists of records relating to the Rev. Edward White's ministry in southern Ontario and British Columbia. Fonds also includes records relating to his son, J.H. White, and his family. Record series include: Diaries (1852-1918); Family correspondence (1862-1932); J.H. White family photographs ([1870?]-[1967]); and Reference materials (1852-1995).

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CA UCCBC ChMD 2 · Fonds · 1868-1880

Fonds consists of photocopies of the minutes of the British Columbia District and Financial District meeting minutes, 1868-1880.

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F.C. Stephenson Family fonds
CA ON00340 F3189 · Fonds · 1884-[195-?]

Fonds consists of nine series: 1) Records relating to the Young People's Forward Movement for Missions, 1894-1926, 2) Records relating to Methodist Missionary Education, [18--]-1949, 3) Records relating to Methodist Printing and Publishing, 1901-1936, 4) Records relating to the Methodist Church of Canada, 1898-1925, 5) Records relating to the United Church of Canada’s Young People’s Missionary Education Department, 1925-1941, 6) Records relating to National and International Bodies of Youth and Missionary Education, 1884-1937, 7) Stephenson Family Records, 1906-1940, 8) Cartographic Material, 1917-1933, 9) Graphic Material, [18--?]-[195-?].

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James Little fonds
CA ON00340 F3414 · Fonds · 1888

Fonds consists of one photograph of Rev. James Little and family.

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Glad Tidings (mission boat) fonds
CA UCCBC ChMe 4 · Fonds · 1884-1890

Fonds consists of the ship's log from November, 1884 to May, 1890.

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Keziah Margaret Laing fonds
CA ON00340 F3753 · Fonds · 1905 - 1893

Fonds consists of two photographs of Keziah Margaret Laing relating to her work in Japan.

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Emily Elizabeth Boggis Anderson fonds
CA ON00340 F3760 · Fonds · 1896

Fonds consists of 3 photographs, an illumination and a certificate relating to Emily Elizabeth Boggis Anderson, church organist, and Zion Methodist Church, Bracondale.

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George R. Sanderson fonds
CA ON00340 F3718 · Fonds · [18--]-1898

Fonds consists of two series: 1) Personal Papers, 1836-1898, 2) Photographs, [18--]-[189-].

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CA UCCBC ChMD 1 · Fonds · 1897-1900

Fonds consists of minutes of the Annual District meetings and the Ministerial Session, 1898-1900, and minutes of the Financial District meetings, 1897-1898.

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John Edwin Hunter fonds
CA ON00340 F3138 · Fonds · [ca. 1900?]

Fonds consists of a scrapbook of Evangelistic Meetings with Rev. Hugh Thomas Crossley [1882-], pamphlets containing printed sermons, a letter from Alma College, 1906 (1986.147C) and 1 hand-tinted photograph of John Edwin Hunter (1997.169C).

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CA UCCBC CHL IN · Fonds · 1871-1902

Fonds consists of Baptismal register (1878-1902), Marriage register (1878-1902), Burial register (1878-1902); and Trustees minutes (1871-1881).

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CA UCCBC ChMD 11 · Fonds · 1896-1902

Fonds consists of minutes of the Kootenay District annual meetings and financial meetings (1896-1902).

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James Arthur McLachlan fonds
CA ON00340 F3768 · Fonds · 1891-1903

Fonds consists of an album of photographs from Berens River Mission, including members of the community, taken between 1891 and 1903.

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Jacob B. Bowman fonds
CA ON00340 F3770 · Fonds · 1896-1906

Fonds contains two series: 1) Textual records, 1896-1906, 2) Photographs, n.d.

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Robert Hughes fonds
CA ON00340 F3762 · Fonds · 1906

Fonds consists of a photograph album relating to Robert and his wife Minnie's time in Dawson City and the Dawson Methodist Church.

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Indian District (Methodist Church) fonds
CA UCCBC ChMD 4 · Fonds · 1900-1907

Fonds consists of minutes of the Annual District and the Ministerial Session, 1901-1907; minutes of the Financial District, 1900-1906; and the Circuit Schedule, 1903-1904.

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H.P. Davidson fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 31 · Fonds · 1908

Fonds comprises a single record series: Student notes (1908).

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Udal (mission boat) fonds
CA UCCBC ChMe 5 · Fonds · 1908-1909

Fonds consists of the ship's log from December 1908 to July 1909.

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Phoenix Methodist Church fonds
CA UCCBC PHO PH · Fonds · 1910-1911

Fonds consists of Trustees minutes (1910-1911).

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CA UCCBC ChMD 14 · Fonds · 1897-1912

Fonds consists of Vancouver District financial meeting minutes (1897-1912); Methodist Extension Society minutes (1908-1911); and correspondence of the District Chair (1908-1910).

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Congregational Publishing Company fonds
CA ON00340 F208 · Fonds · 1899-1913

Fonds consists of financial statements, 1899-1912, and photographs regarding Sunday school, 1913.

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James P. Westman collection
CA UCCBC Priv 16 · Collection · 1910-1913

Collection relates to the Methodist Summer School organized by Westman. The first camp was held at Elko in the Kootenay District in 1906.

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Ainsworth Presbyterian Church fonds
CA UCCBC AIN AI · Fonds · 1897-1914

Fonds consists of Baptismal register (1902-1914); Membership records (1902-1914); and Congregational meetings minutes (1897-1906).

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Edward Joseph Rattee fonds
CA ON00340 F3758 · [ca. 1895] - [ca. 1915]

Fonds consists of 21 photographs of China, Korea and missionaries.

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Langley Circuit fonds
CA UCCBC LAN CI · Fonds · 1903-1916

Fonds consists of a register of records of baptisms (1907-1915), marriages (1903-1916) and burials (1907-1916).

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Coal Creek Methodist Church fonds
CA UCCBC CNA CC · Fonds · 1903-1919

Fonds consists of a Membership roll (1904-1906); Official Board minutes (1903-1919) and Trustees minutes (1907-1910); Ladies Aid minutes (1903); Sunday School cash book (1905-1918); Epworth League minutes (1904); and Financial records (1903-1912). Record-keeping appears to have ceased after 1919 although Coal Creek remained active in yearbook statistics thereafter.

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Illecillewaet Mission fonds
CA UCCBC ILL IL · Fonds · 1903-1923

Fonds consists of a Baptismal record (1905); Communion roll (1905-1907, 1923); Missionary historical accounts (1903-1923); and Account book (1905-1910).

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Kelowna Methodist Church fonds
CA UCCBC KEL KM · Fonds · 1907-1923

Fonds consists of a Circuit register (1910-1923); Official Board minutes (1907-1923), Official Board account book (1909-1917); Ladies' Aid minutes (1914-1918); Chinese School Attendance records (1914-1916); Subscription records (1907-1916).

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Methodist Laymen's Association fonds
CA UCCBC AffB 29 · Fonds · 1909-1924

Fonds consists of minutes of the Methodist Laymen's Association (B.C.).

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Enderby Methodist Church fonds
CA UCCBC END EN · Fonds · 1891-1924

Fonds consists of records from Enderby Methodist Church, Spallumcheen Mission and Enderby Circuit. Records include Baptismal register (1901-1917), Marriage registers (1901-1920), Burial registers (1903-1914); Circuit register (1891-1923); Official Board minutes (1891-1924), Trustees minutes (1895-1922); Missionary Society accounts (1912-1923), Accounts (1915-1922); and Blueprint for Manse (n/d).

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Thomas M. Talbot fonds
CA ON00340 F3749 · Fonds · 1924

Fonds consists of a typed manucript entitled "Philosophy for Progress and Profit." dated 1924.

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