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Archival description
CA UCCBC ChUn 32 · Fonds · 1935-1988

Fonds consists of minutes, reports, general files, and printed material of the British Columbia Provincial Council, as well as minutes and other records of the Metropolitan District Council, the New Westminster and Fraser Valley District Council, the Vancouver District Council, and the Vancouver Island District Council.

As One That Serves. British Columbia Provincial Council
BC Conference Kairos fonds
CA UCCBC ChUn 31 · Fonds · 1965-1970

Fonds consists of the following sous-fonds: Young Peoples Union, BC Conference Branch (1933-1970); and BC Conference Kairos (1943-1968). The Young Peoples Union sous-fonds includes the following record series: Constitutions (1956-1964); Membership Records (1939-1970); Program-Related Records (1950-1968); Correspondence (1963-1964); Meeting Minutes and Reports (1942-1966); Publications and Bulletins (1937-1964); National YPU (1942-1965); Presbyteries (1933-1965); Grandview Young People’s Society (1937-1941). BC Conference Kairos sous-fonds includes the following record series: Constitutions (1956-1964); Mailing Lists (1964-1968); Correspondence (1964-1968); Committees (1964-1967); Events and Conventions (1963-1967); Newsletters (1964-[1970]); Leadership Training Records (1966); Program Materials (1943-1967); Minutes (1954-1965); National Kairos (1964-1967); Special Media Related Records (1964-1965); Photographs (1961-1963).

British Columbia Conference Kairos
Bob Stewart fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 42 · Fonds · 1953-2005

Fonds consists of records relating to Stewart's preaching; to his research and writing as a student and archivist; to his job as Host for First United Church (Vancouver); and to his lectures at the Vancouver School of Theology. Record series include: Sermons (1965-1999); Student papers (1966-1978); Speeches and articles (1983-2000); First United Church work (1980-1998); Archives communications (1986-1995); Personal correspondence (1976-1989); Denominational Studies lectures ([1992]-[1993]); Biographical material (1953-1995); and Photographs (1980-[2005?]).

Stewart, Robert Gordon, 1939-2005
CA UCCBC AffB 7 · Fonds · 1973-1992

Fonds consists of minutes, correspondence and other records of the Planning Board and standing committees; annual reports and financial statements; correspondence and other records of the Finance Committee; records of the Victoria Branch; record copies of the Response and the Ecumenical News; records of CEA's involvement with affiliated organizations and projects; and records generated by CEA's own program activities, especially in the areas of community action and education.

Canadian Ecumenical Action
CA UCCBC AffB 43 · Fonds · 1925-1945

Fonds consists of minutes of Council meetings (1925-1929, 1937-1940), correspondence of the Council secretary (1940-1945), financial records (1933-1941), copies of Council publications (1914-1931), and minutes of meetings of the Children's Leaders Council (1930-1939).

Christian Education Council of British Columbia
CA UCCBC AffB 44 · Fonds · 1941-1951

Fonds consists of minutes of the Syllabus and Administration Committees, correspondence with the Department of Education, financial records, notes used in the compilation of the syllabus, copies of tests and a correspondence course, lists of teachers and students, and miscellaneous papers.

Churches Cooperating for Bible Study in High Schools
Gordon C. How fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 39 · Fonds · 1978-2014

Fonds consists of textual and non-textual records created and received by Gordon How in his role as the Executive Director of the Vancouver Planning Committee for the Sixth Assembly of the World Council of Churches. Fonds includes the following series: Reports, correspondence, and publications (1981-2014); Reference material (1982); Objects (1983); Sixth Assembly photographs (1981-2011); and Commemorative collections (1978-2014).

How, Gordon C.
H. Blair Brown fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 79 · Fonds · 1918-1981

Fonds consists of the following record series: YPU events (1925-1964); Board of Christian Education YPU publications (1951-1960); United Church and YPU news clippings and materials (1949-1967); Vancouver Presbytery and BC Conference YPU conventions (1930-1981); National YPU (1918-1964); and YPOP publication (1940-1964).

Brown, H. Blair, [194-?]-
Harvard P. Collins fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 46 · Fonds · 1947-2009

Fonds consists of records relating to Collins' leadership in the Scout Movement, and to his work for BC Conference and Vancouver-Burrard Presbytery (1973-1989). Fonds is comprised of three record series: BC Conference photographs and other material (1952-1989); Boy Scout and Cub troop photographs (1947-1973); and Reference material (2009).

Collins, Harvard Petain, 1913-2010
Heritage Alive Project fonds
CA UCCBC AffB 11 · Fonds · 1970-1979

Fonds consists of the following record series: Interview recordings and transcripts (1970-1979); and United Church History Seekers minutes, reports, and correspondence (1970-1979); and Photographs (1959-1978). Includes 11 recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted by archivist Marilyn Harrison; these recordings existed prior to the Heritage Alive project, but were subsumed by the project.

United Church History Seekers
CA ON00340 F4044 · Fonds · 1981-2004

Fonds consists of six series: 1) Administration and Finance, 1997-2001, 2) Ecumenical Partnerships Working Group, 1995-1998, 3) Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, 1994-2000, 4) Latin America and the Caribbean, 1989-2004, 5) Middle East Reference Group, 1985-2001, 6) Audiovisual Materials, 1985-1990, 7) Photographs, 1981-2000.

Inter-Church Action for Development, Relief and Justice
CA ON00340 F4042 · Fonds · 1973-2001

Fonds consists of five series: 1) Administration Files, 1983-2000, 2) Board, Working Group and Committee Minutes, 1981-2000, 3) Financial Records, 1982-2001, 4) Subject Files, 1973-2001, 5) Publications, 1986-1996 and 6) Photographs, 1986-1995.

Inter-Church Coalition on Africa
CA ON00340 F4046 · Fonds · 1970-2013

Fonds consists of six series: 1) Minutes, 1977-2013, 2) Administrative and Financial Records, 1977-2001, 3) Reports and Briefs, 1976-1997, 4) Records of Executive Members, 1970-2002, 5) Partnership Records and Subject Files, 1973-2003, 6) Publications, 1977-2000, 7) Photographs, 1978-2003 and Audiovisual Materials, 1980-1991.

Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America
CA UCCBC AffB 22 · Fonds · 1902-1909, 1956-1961

Fonds consists of correspondence and other papers of Harold T. Allen, Secretary of the British Columbia-Alberta Branch (1956-1961). Fonds includes minutes of the Nelson (B.C.) Branch (1902-1906) and of the Rossland (B.C.) Branch (1906-1909).

Lord's Day Alliance. British Columbia-Alberta Branch
CA UCCBC AffB 29 · Fonds · 1909-1924

Fonds consists of minutes of the Methodist Laymen's Association (B.C.).

Methodist Laymen's Association (B.C.)
CA UCCBC AffB 30 · Fonds · 1908-1925

Fonds consists of minutes of the association.

Methodist Ministerial Association (Vancouver, B.C.)
Methodist Social Union fonds
CA UCCBC AffB 31 · Fonds · 1921-1924

Fonds consists of minutes of the Methodist Social Union.

Methodist Social Union (Victoria, B.C.)
CA ON00340 F4005 · Fonds · 1973-1981

Fonds consists of records of the Movement of Christian Feminism as well as the Friends of Hagar newsletter, including records of conferences and events, conference evaluation forms from participants, meeting minutes, planning documents, proposals and reports, grant funding and financial statements, membership lists, organizational histories, as well as correspondence regarding newsletter subscriptions, publications, event planning, as well as affiliations with other institutions and organizations including churches, universities, and women’s groups in Canada, the United States and further abroad.

Movement For Christian Feminism
CA ON00340 F4001 · Fonds · 1860-1974

Fonds consists of administrative records of the organization throughout its history, as well as the departmental units of the Children’s Work Board and the Ontario Boys’ Work Board, including records of the Ontario Older Boys’ Parliament. The fonds also consists of records relating to annual conventions, camps, and records of local groups. Textual records include executive and committee minutes, annual reports, reports and briefs, correspondence, financial records, historical sketches, instructional manuals, programming resources, newsletters, and other subject files. This fonds also contains graphic materials, consisting of posters, oversize drawings, and photographs.

Ontario Council of Christian Education
Overseas Missions Club fonds
CA UCCBC AffB 33 · Fonds · 1941-1965

Fonds consists of minutes (1953-1965), membership lists (1942-1959), accounts book (1941-1942), and miscellaneous papers.

Overseas Missions Club
CA UCCBC ChUn 40 · Fonds · 1968-2024

Fonds consists of records created and received by the BC Conference Archives and Pacific Mountain Regional Council Archives. Record series include: Accession files, Finding aids, Records destruction lists, Project records, and Narrative Histories Program records.

United Church of Canada. Pacific Mountain Regional Council Archives
CA UCCBC ChUn 29 · Collection · 1938-2023

Collection was developed by the Rev. John Goodfellow, an amateur church historian who also served on the BC Conference Archives and Historical Committee from 1925 to 1950. He collected information from various sources about the early history of the United Church and its founding partners (Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches) in British Columbia. Collection consists of the following series: Biographical files; Congregational files; Subject files; and Photographs.

United Church of Canada. Pacific Mountain Regional Council Archives
R. Grant Bracewell fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 76 · Fonds · [ca. 1920]-1992, predominant 1953-1992

Fonds consists of the following series: Sermons and other material (1953-1992); Hospital-related materials (1956-1992); Older Boys’ Parliament records (1945-1973, predominant 1945-1947); Bachelor of Divinity student records (1958-1967); Teaching materials (1960); Photographs ([ca. 1920]-1958); and Reference materials (1956-1986).

Bracewell, R. Grant, 1928-2021
CA UCCBC AffB 36 · Fonds · 1958-1967

Fonds consists of minutes of monthly meetings.

Retired Ministers Group (Vancouver, B.C.)
Robert K. Shorten fonds
CA ON00340 F3781 · Fonds · 1953 - 1988

Fonds consists of records related to the relationship and interactions between The United Church of Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada, especially on the topic of church union, and includes correspondence, newspapers and magazines, clippings, pamphlets, memoranda, and orders of service. The fonds also contains copies of the writings of the Rev. H. Maxwell Dawe, Superintendent of Missions of the Newfoundland Conference.

Shorten, Robert Keith, 1927-2019
CA UCCBC VAL RO · Fonds · 1978-2004

Fonds consists of the following record series: Board and committee records (1986-2004); Worship records (1986-1992); Financial records (1994-1999); and Annual reports (1978-1997).

Robson Valley Shared Ministry (Valemount, B.C.)
CA UCCBC AffB 37 · Fonds · 1926-1979

Fonds consists of the following record series: World Student Christian Federation (1931-1977); National Student Christian Movement material (1945-1971); Constitutions (1946-1964); Minutes of Executive meetings (1926-1930; 1950-1963); Advisory Board minutes (1947-1969); Student Cabinet minutes (1961-1964); Records of the President's Committee on Spiritual Values (1946-1968); Miscellaneous minutes and reports (1927-1964); Records of the Personnel Committee (1955-1966); Study material (1933-1974); Financial records (1950-1971); Correspondence (1944-1974); Membership and mailing lists (1953-1973); Events and conferences (1941-1971); Newsletters and publications (1947-1990); Scrapbooks (1916-1937); Photographs (1916-1962).

Student Christian Movement of Canada. University of British Columbia Branch
CA ON00340 F508 · Fonds · 1795-2017, predominantly 1925-1973

Fonds consists of seven series: 1) Administrative Records, 1910-1973, 2) Records of Functional Committees and Religious Education Programs, 1925-1973, 3) Records of the Department of Children’s Work, 1922-1971, 4) Records of the Department of Youth Work, 1920-1972, 5) Records of the Department of Young Peoples’ Work, 1925-2017, 6) Records of the Department of Adults’ Work, 1929-1973, 7) Records relating to the New Curriculum, 1795-1971, and 8) Photographs, 1910-[197-].

United Church of Canada. Board of Christian Education
CA ON00340 F506 · Fonds · 1948-1972, predominant 1954-1971

Fonds consists of the following series: records of annual, executive, and staff meetings (including minutes of predecessor committees), 1948-1971; Secretary's correspondence and subject files, 1948-1971; records of committees, 1951-1971; records relating to Lay Associations and United Church Men's Councils at the Presbytery and Conference levels, 1947-1971; printed materials, ca. 1950-1971; and photographs and audiovisual materials, 1960-1969.

United Church of Canada. Board of Men
CA UCCBC ChUn 14 · Fonds · 1874-2014, predominant 1962-2014

Fonds consists of the following sub-groups: UCW, BC Conference Branch (1949-2014, predominant 1961-2014); Cariboo Presbyterial (1959-2000); Comox-Nanaimo Presbyterial (1962-2010); Fraser Presbyterial (1961-2010); Kamloops-Okanagan Presbyterial (1962-2009); Kootenay Presbyterial (1960-1971); Prince Rupert Presbyterial (1962-1971); Vancouver-Burrard Presbyterial (1960-1995); Vancouver-South Presbyterial (1962-1997); Victoria Presbyterial (1874-2006, predominant 1962-2006); Westminster Presbyterial (1962-2010).

United Church of Canada. British Columbia Conference. United Church Women
Val Anderson fonds
CA UCCBC Priv 9 · Fonds · 1953-2006

Fonds consists of thirteen record series: Vancouver School of Theology / Union College (1953-2006); Council of Churches (1973-1985); Student Christian Movement (1962-1977); BC Conference on the Family (1975-1979); Ecumenical Consultation on Inter-Church Cooperation (1976-1977); Pacific Youth and Family Addiction Services Society (1987-1989); Alternatives to Justice and Corrections (1973-1981); Pastoral Institute (1971-1984); Boards and Committees of Other Organizations (1971-1986); Reference and Liaison Materials (1967-2004); Multi-faith and Ecumenical Work (1960-2004); Habitat Forum (1973-1976); Poverty Related Materials (1974-2000).

Anderson, Valentine Jackson, 1929-2006
CA UCCBC AffB 39 · Fonds · 1964-1971

Fonds consists of records relating to the establishment of the Council, copies of proposed constitutions, copies of minutes of Council meetings (1969-1971), annual reports (1971-1972), records relating to the activities of the Social Action Committee of the Council (1969-1971), and other records and publications.

Vancouver and District Council of Churches
CA UCCBC AffB 40 · Fonds · 1905-1946

Fonds consists of minutes of association meetings (1905-1945) and correspondence of the association secretary (1917-1946).

Vancouver General Ministerial Association
CA UCCBC ChUn 13 · Fonds · 1950-1996

Fonds consists of the following series: General records (1959-1996); Annual reports of congregations and pastoral charges (1974-1976); Comox-Nanaimo Presbytery (1950-1996); Victoria Presbytery (1957-1996); Financial records (1971-1994); Subject files (1956-1996); and Personnel files (1972-1996). Records relate to the main functions of the presbytery officer: liaising with the Division of Mission in Canada, Home Missions Committee (B.C.), the presbyteries, and special interest committees; advising and consulting with ministers and personnel of pastoral charges; liaising with Indigenous ministries and team ministries; supervising summer students; ; supervising property administration and facilitating block grants for Comox-Nanaimo and Victoria presbyteries; and participating in ecumenical projects.

United Church of Canada. British Columbia Conference. Vancouver Island Presbytery Officer
CA ON00340 F3116 · Fonds · [19--?]

Fonds consists of sermons, n.d.; some correspondence, addresses, broadcasts, notes, and audio-visual material – an address to the annual meeting of the Department of Christian Education, Canada Council of Churches (1964).

Gallagher, William James, 1894-1964
CA UCCBC ChUn 35 · Fonds · 1940-1961

Fonds consists of minutes of the conference branch (1951-1961), a history of the association, handbooks and publications, a list of officers, and annual reports. The fonds includes minutes of the B.C. Cooperating Group of the Woman's Association and the Woman's Missionary Society (1953-1962), as well as minutes and other records of presbyterial branches including Comox-Nanaimo, Fraser, Kamloops-Okanagan, Vancouver, Vancouver-Burrard (North), Vancouver South, Victoria, Victoria South, and Westminster.

United Church of Canada. Woman's Association. British Columbia Branch
CA ON00340 F4006 · Fonds · 1918-2010

Fonds consists of records including minutes, constitutions, annual reports, financial records, correspondence, newsletters and publications, educational kits, pamphlets, publicity and news clippings, organizational histories and other records. Series include: 1) Federation of the Woman’s Missionary Boards of Canada, 2) Inter-Church Board Committee of the Women’s Missionary Societies of Canada 3) WICC Administrative Records, 4) Local Council Records, 5) Records of Staff, 6)WICC Committee Records, 7) Records Relating to Projects/Events, 8) Records Relating to World Day of Prayer, 9) Records Relating to the Fellowship of the Least Coin, 10) Records Relating to the National Gathering, 11) Records Relating to Hands to End Violence, 12) Financial Records, 13)Membership Records, 14) Correspondence, 15)Subject Files, 16) Newsletters, 17) Records Relating to Histories of WICC, 18) Graphic/Audiovisual Records.

Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada