Meaford, Municipality of

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44° 35' 28" N 80° 44' 36" W

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    • Meaford, Municipality of

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      Meaford, Municipality of

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      Meaford, Municipality of

      • UF St. Vincent Township

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      Meaford, Municipality of

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        CA ON00340 F2533 · Fonds · 1970-2022

        Fonds consists of records of Woodford Methodist Circuit (includes Woodford, Bayview, Shiloh in Sydenham Township, Bethel in Sydenham Township, Bognor), 1876-1923; Trustee Board minutes, of Woodford Methodist Church, 1903-1913; records of Annan - Leith Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Annan, Leith, Daywood and Johnstone), 1855-1924; baptisms, 1864-1869, of Leith - Johnstone Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, (includes Johnstone Church in Johnson, Leith), 1864-1869; Woman's Missionary Society minutes, 1911-1922, of Johnstone - Daywood Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Johnson, Daywood); records, including baptisms, 1856-1878, of Annan Presbyterian Church (includes Lake Shore Line Church in Sydenham Township), 1856-1919; records, including baptisms, 1892-1898, of Johnstone Presbyterian Church, in Johnson, 1877-1906; records of Leith Presbyterian Church, 1876-1912; Congregational Meeting minutes of Woodford Presbyterian Church, 1885-1904; records, including baptisms, 1951-1955, marriages, 1896-1924, 1951-1955, of Annan Pastoral Charge (includes Annan Presbyterian Church, Leith Presbyterian Church, Johnstone - Daywood Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, Daywood, Annan, Johnstone in Johnson, Leith), 1896-1969; records, including baptisms, 1921-1935, burials, 1922-1942, of Woodford Pastoral Charge (includes Woodford Methodist Circuit, Silcote, Woodford), 1911-1969; records including baptisms 1937-1973, marriages 1937-2008, and burials 1937-2019, of Annan - Woodford Pastoral Charge (includes Annan Pastoral Charge, Woodford Pastoral Charge, Leith, Johnstone, Silcote, Annan and Woodford), 1937-2022; records, including baptisms, 1884-1956, of Leith United Church (includes Leith Presbyterian Church), 1864-1970;records of Johnstone United Church in Johnson (includes Johnstone Presbyterian Church), 1906-1969. records of Woodford United Church (includes Woodford Methodist Church, Woodford Presbyterian Church), 1911-1928; records of Bethesda Unite Church, St. Vincent Township (includes Bethesda Methodist Church), 1921-1969; Sunday School minutes of Silcote United Church, 1942-1968; records, including baptisms, 1879-1955, of Trinity United Church, Annan (includes Annan Presbyterian Church), 1855-2019.

        Annan - Woodford Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
        Arthur Guy Reynolds fonds
        CA ON00340 F3224 · Fonds · 1930-1972

        Fonds consists of sermons, and includes orders of service, addresses, articles, clippings and printed material (88.233C); subject files and manuscripts on various aspects of church history, n.d.; sermons and addresses, 1960-1969; pamphlets and publications (88.036C); a marriage register for St. George's United Church, Toronto which became the personal marriage register of Rev. A.G. Reynolds for Sydenham Township, Sarawak Township, Annan, Balaclava, Leith and Owen Sound (97.092C/TR).

        Reynolds, Arthur Guy, 1909-1981
        CA ON00340 F2669 · Fonds · 1853-2006

        Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1897-1921, of Chatsworth Methodist Circuit (includes Chatsworth, Massie), 1897-1925; marriages of Massie Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Massie, Sydenham Township, Hoath Head, Strathavon), 1897-1907; marriages of Chatsworth Presbyterian Church, 1859-1919; records, including baptisms, 1884-1910, of Knox Presbyterian Church, Sydenham Township, 1884-1910; baptisms, 1912-1964, burials, 1943-1976, of Knox United Church, Sydenham Township (includes Knox Presbyterian Church), 1912-1976; records, including baptisms, 1853-1926, marriages, 1919-1926, of Chatsworth United Church (includes Chatsworth Presbyterian Church), 1853-2006; marriages of Sydenham Pastoral Charge (includes Knox Presbyterian Church, Knox and St. Paul's Churches in Sydenham Township, Bognor, 1907-1940; Official Board minutes of Keady Pastoral Charge (includes Desboro, Keady, Peabody), 1927-1957; baptisms, 1910-1959, marriages, 1922-1981, burials, 1909-1959, of Chatsworth Pastoral Charge (includes Chatsworth Methodist Circuit, Sydenham Pastoral Charge, Chatsworth, Desboro, Knox Church in Sydenham Township, Massie), 1909-2006; records of Desboro United Church (includes Desboro Presbyterian Church), 1893-2000; and annual reports of Massie United Church, 1999-2006.

        Chatsworth Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
        John Arthur Jewell fonds
        CA ON00340 F3436 · Fonds · 1862-1921

        Fonds consists of a marriage register for Meaford, St. Vincent, Collingwood, Owen Sound, 1862-1875; personal burial register for Rev. John Arthur Jewell for Toronto and Peel County; 1918-1921.

        Jewell, John Arthur, 1840-1928
        CA ON00340 F2906 · Fonds · 1872-2006

        Fonds consists of records, including baptisms, 1908-1909, 1915-1916, of Mildmay Methodist Circuit (includes Mildmay, Otter Lake and South Line), 1880-1924; communion roll of Belmore and McIntosh Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, 1912-1924; records, including baptisms, 1872-1921, of Mildmay Presbyterian Church (includes Balaklava Presbyterian Church), 1872-1922; session minutes of Balaklava Presbyterian Church, 1877-1921; records, including baptisms, 1891-1962 and marriages, 1891-1967, of St. Paul's Evangelical United Brethren Church, Mildmay, 1891-1968; records, including marriages, 1905-1948, of Belmore - Mildmay Pastoral Charge (includes Belmore, Mildmay and McIntosh), 1896-1968; records, including baptisms, 1960-1975, marriages, 1958-1974, and burials, 1933-1976, of Mildmay Pastoral Charge, 1958-1995; records, including marriages, 1896-1952, of Mildmay United Church, 1896-1961; records, including baptisms, 1871-1948, of McIntosh United Church, 1871-1988; records of Knox United Church, Belmore, 1930-1976; and records, including baptisms, 1960-1975, marriages, 1958-1974, and burials, 1956-1976, of St. Paul's United Church, Mildmay, 1958-2006.

        McIntosh - Mildmay Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F2639 · Fonds · 1862-1896

        Fonds consists of marriage register, of Meaford Congregational Church, 1862-1865 (includes unidentified marriage records from East Zorra Township, West Zorra Township and Embro, 1880-1896).

        Meaford Congregational Church (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F2638 · Fonds · 1860-2006

        Fonds consists of records of St. Vincent Methodist Circuit 1860 - 1912, including marriages 1898-1912; records, including marriages, 1896-1908, of Meaford Methodist Church, 1874-1925; records of Erskine Presbyterian Church, 1877 -1925, including marriage records 1896-1913; records of Erskine United Church, 1883-1937, including baptisms 1883-1938, burials 1923 - 1939; records, including marriages, 1908-1934, of Trinity United Church, 1906-1937; records, including baptisms, 1938-1960, marriages, 1912-1987, and burials, 1937-1983, of Meaford United Church, 1912-2006.

        Meaford United Church (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F2579 · Fonds · 1872-1949

        Fonds consists of records of St. Vincent Methodist Circuit (includes Meaford South Methodist Circuit, Bethel Church in St. Vincent Township, Epping, Bethesda Church in St. Vincent Township, Mount Pleasant Church in St. Vincent Township, Mount Zion Church in St. Vincent Township, St. John's Church in St. Vincent Township, Snider's Church in St. Vincent Township), 1884-1914; records of Bethesda Methodist Church in St. Vincent Township (includes Bethesda Methodist Church, Snider's Church in St. Vincent Township), 1872-1969; records of St. Vincent Pastoral Charge (includes St. Vincent Methodist Circuit, Bethesda Church in St. Vincent Township, Mount Pleasant Church in St. Vincent Township, Mount Zion Church in St Vincent Township, St. John's Church in St. Vincent Township), 1920-1949; records of Bethel United Church in St. Vincent Township, 1922-1949; Ladies Aid minutes of Mount Pleasant United Church in St. Vincent Township, 1939-1942; records of Mount Zion United Church in St. Vincent Township, 1923-1954.

        St. Vincent Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F2599 · Fonds · 1863-2006

        Fonds consists of marriage register of Knox Presbyterian Church, St. Vincent Township (includes Syndenham Township, Euphrasia Township), 1863-1884; records of Victoria Methodist Church, 1909-1924; records, including baptisms, 1877-1914, marriages, 1915-1918, of Knox - Holland United Church, Holland Township (includes Knox Presbyterian Church), 1877-1928; financial record book of Temple Hill Presbyterian Church, 1906-1924; communion roll of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Syndenham, 1874-1894; marriages of Temple Hill Pastoral Charge (includes Temple Hill, Knox United Church in Holland Township, Mount Zion, New England), 1941-1962; records, including baptisms, 1922-1965, marriages, 1897-1980, 1980-1999, of Walter's Falls Pastoral Charge (includes Holland Township, Syndenham Township, St. Vincent Township, Temple Hill, Walter's Falls Methodist Circuit), 1897-1986; records of New England United Church, 1934-1964; records, including marriages, 1902-1941, of Temple Hill United Church (includes Temple Hill Presbyterian Church), 1902-1991; records of Ebenezer United Church, 1925-1962; records, including baptisms, 1906-1948, marriages, 1896-1943, of St. Paul's United Church, Syndenham; records, including marriages, 1903-1949, of Knox - Holland United Church, in Holland Township (includes Knox Presbyterian Church, 1903-1973; records of Victoria United Church (includes Victoria Methodist Church), 1924-1947; baptisms, 1956-1962, burials, 1956-1962, of White's United Church, St. Vincent Township, 1956-1962; records, including baptisms, 1951-1954, 1970, of Walter's Falls United Church, 1951-2006

        Walter's Falls Pastoral Charge (Ont.)