Mount Hope (Wentworth)

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43° 09' 20" N 79° 54' 55" W

Scope note(s)

  • Formerly part of Glanford Township

Source note(s)

  • Mount Hope

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    Hierarchical terms

    Mount Hope (Wentworth)

    Mount Hope (Wentworth)

      Equivalent terms

      Mount Hope (Wentworth)

      • UF Glanford
      • UF Glanford Township

      Associated terms

      Mount Hope (Wentworth)

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        CA ON00340 F1364 · Fonds · 1857-1994

        Fonds consists of records, including marriages, 1857-1869, of Cainsville Wesleyan Methodist Circuit (includes Glanford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Onondaga, Burkholder's Church, New Brick Church, Hall's Corner's (now Binbrooke), Plank Road (now Langford), Fisher's Church, Glanford, Bell's Church, Bowman's Church, Seneca, Caledonia, Mud Church, Ancaster, Mount Hope), 1857-1872; records, including marriages, 1897-1919, of Cainsville Methodist Circuit (includes Cainsville Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Onondaga, New England Church, Bethesda Church, Ancaster, Plank Road (now Langford), Saltsprings, Newport, Brant), 1856-1921; records, including marriages, 1897-1919, of Cainsville Methodist Church, Brantford, 1897-1922; records of Marlboro Street Methodist Church, Brantford, 1912-1925; records, including baptisms, 1927-1983, marriages, 1936-1994, burials, 1937-1994, of Cainsville Pastoral Charge, Brantford (includes Cainsville Methodist Circuit, Langford, Elm Street Church), 1921-1994; records of Cainsville United Church, Brantford, 1967-1994; and records, including baptisms, 1914-1994, marriages, 1914-1993, burials, 1915-1989, of Marlboro United Church, Brantford (includes Marlboro Street Methodist Church), 1914-1994.

        Harmony United Church (Brantford, Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F1937 · Fonds · 1857-2017

        Fonds consists records, including marriages, 1857-1873, 1895, of Glanford Methodist Circuit, i; marriage register of Rev. Thomas McLachlan, 1909-1923, Knox Presbyterian Church, Binbrook; board and committee records of Mount Hope United Church, including baptism, 1912-1953, marriage, 1896-2010, and burial, 1912-1962, registers.

        Mount Hope - Case Pastoral Charge (Ont.)
        CA ON00340 F1757 · Fonds · 1864-2017

        Fonds consists of records of Arkwright Methodist Circuit (includes Arkwright Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, Arkwright, Mount Hope, Burgoyne, Ebenezer Church in Arran Township, Centenary Church in Arran Township), 1864-1919; records of Dobbinton Methodist Circuit (includes Dobbinton, Centenary, Sharon in Arran Township), 1921; records, including marriages, 1893-1897, of Tara Methodist Church (includes Invermay Wesleyan Methodist Circuit (Invermay, Bethel Church in Arkwright, Tara, Dobbinton), 1872-1923; Trustee Board minutes of Arkwright Methodist Church, 1895-1913; records of Centenary Methodist Church (includes Dobbinton Methodist Circuit). 1911-1920; records, including baptisms, 1892-1906, 1926, 1930-1945, marriages, 1890-1941, burials, 1898-1939, of Arkwright Pastoral Charge (includes Arkwright Methodist Circuit, Arkwright, Mount Hope, Ebenezer Church in Arran Township), 1890-1945; records of Dobbinton Pastoral Charge (includes Dobbinton, Centenary, Mount Hope), 1928-1959; records of Tara Pastoral Charge (includes Tara, Arkwright, Centenary Church in Arran Township), 1939-1972; records of Arkwright United Church (includes Arkwright Methodist Circuit, Arkwright Methodist Church), 1884-1973; records, including baptisms, 1906-1966, marriages, 1897-1978, burials, 1906-1963, of Tara United Church (includes Tara Methodist Church, 1897-1989; records of Centenary United Church (includes Centenary Methodist Church), 1876-2017

        Tara Pastoral Charge (Ont.)