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            Laura H. Hambley fonds
            CA ON00340 F3590 · Fondos · [188-?]-[192-]

            Fonds consists of two lantern slide collections with accompanying scripts; one entitled "New Calls for Christian Living", and another, untitled. Slides are a mixture of images of general Japanese culture. Some photographs may have been taken by W.O. Fryer, others were likely purchased from commercial sources.

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            Margaret Luella Thibaudeau fonds
            CA ON00340 F3764 · Fondos · [190-?]

            Fonds consists of one photograph of Margaret Luella Thibaudeau, taken ca. 190-?, while a Deaconess at Wesley Methodist Church, Hamilton, ON.

            Sin título
            CA ON00340 F509-7 · Séries · [191-?]-1963
            Parte de United Church of Canada Board of Home Missions fonds

            Series consists of photographs (including glass slides) that were created and/or collected by the Board of Home Missions, [1890?]-1970. Most of the images depict residential institutions run by the United Church of Canada and its antecedent denominations.

            Sin título
            Frank Prescott Fidler fonds
            CA ON00340 F3632 · Fondos · [191-?]-1990

            Fonds consists of the following Series: 1) Correspondence, 1925-1991 , 2) Manuscripts, 1920?-1975, 3) Sermons, 1933-1969 , 4) Personal Registers, 1934-1990 , 5) Photographs, [191-?]-1966, and 6) Audio-visual Material, 1959-2003.

            Sin título
            CA ON00340 F3167 · Fondos · [191-]-1998

            Fonds consists of four series: 1) Personal Correspondence and Ephemera, 1911-1998, 2) Educational Work, [194-]-1985, 3) Publications and Other Works, 1917-1977, 4) Photographs, [191-]-1973.

            Sin título
            Walter G. Anderson fonds
            CA ON00340 F3773 · Fondos · [193-]-[1939]

            Fonds consists of photographs relating to Anderson's missionary work in India, [193-]-[1937].

            Sin título
            Jessie Duncan fonds
            CA ON00340 F3747 · Fondos · [194-?]

            Fonds consists of two manuscripts written by Duncan, titled "India: A Manuscript by Jessie Duncan, a missionary in India for fourty years", and "India's womanhood on the march."

            Sin título
            Homer Grant Brown family fonds
            CA ON00340 F3745 · Fondos · [194-?]

            Fonds consists of a manuscript entitled "Evangelistic Work on the Chengtu District" written by Homer and Muriel Brown, undated; letter to "Eleanor" from Mrs. [Sophia] Hockey,1924; letter to Mrs. [Sophia] Hockey from Laura Hambley, 1924; letter to "Eleanor" from Laura Hambley, 1924; letter entitled "Why We Did Not Leave Chengtu" (unknown author, 1927); letter from Sophia Hockey to family and friends, 1929 and letters from Muriel Brown to family and friends 1936-1941.

            Sin título
            CA ON00340 F3137-4 · Séries · [195-?]
            Parte de Ernest Crossley Hunter fonds

            Series consists of one photograph of Ernest Crossley Hunter descending from an airplane.

            Sin título
            Gwyn Griffith fonds
            CA ON00340 F3719 · Fondos · [195-?]-2005, predominant 2003-2005

            Fonds contains publications and research of Gwyn Griffith, [195-?]-2005, predominant 2003-2005, photographs, [195-]-1987, and audio-visual material, 2003-2004 relating to the life and work of Griffith.

            Sin título
            Edward William Horton fonds
            CA ON00340 F3759 · Fondos · [196-?]

            Fonds consists of one photograph of Edward W. Horton.

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